Kim Wernecke, 28, Junior Relationship Manager in the Infrastructure department at Hamburg Commercial Bank since 2019

Portrait photo of Kim Wernecke

“The chance to take on responsibility is not empty talk with us! In the past year alone, I played a leading role in the deal team, closing two transactions, each worth hundreds of millions of euros, and worked with colleagues on a number of other mandates. During my six-month internship in the Infrastructure division and the subsequent period as a working student, I was already able to experience that the liberties and thus the personal development opportunities are greater at a comparatively small bank like Hamburg Commercial Bank than at other institutes. In addition to the necessary professional qualifications, the good contacts I made there paved the way for me to get my first permanent job after graduation. This allowed me to write my Master’s thesis parallel to joining the bank. I can only advise all students to look around here. The Hamburg Commercial Bank is a prime address for students seeking practical experience. Here people get down to real work and aren’t limited to menial tasks as is the case elsewhere.”