Hamburg Commercial Bank is exclusive German partner of the World M&A Alliance

February 2020 – Since a few weeks Hamburg Commercial Bank (HCOB) is the exclusive partner of the World M&A Alliance for Germany. In this international alliance, independent corporate finance and M&A boutiques from twelve countries cooperate in cross-border transactions, all of which have a strong track record in their home markets. With over 150 sector specialists and more than 1,000 successfully completed transactions, the World M&A Alliance is one of the established M&A networks.

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This partnership strengthens HCOB's access to concrete transaction approaches in the cross-border segment and thus forms a further important component in the implementation of an integrated corporate finance approach. With this partnership, the bank gains an international network and can offer its customers greater responsiveness and accuracy in approaching investors and target companies abroad. The sector teams of the cooperation partners complement the in-house consulting services of HCOB with local industry-specific consulting and access.


Wind energy: Germany’s most important energy source [Source: Fraunhofer Energy Charts (values have been rounded)]

With Hamburg Commercial Bank, the World M&A Alliance gains an experienced financing partner for acquisitions: In addition to the M & A side, HCOB has many years of in-depth expertise in complex financing events and structuring advice such as acquisition financing, bridge financing, share buybacks and refinancing at shareholder level. For corporate acquisitions, the HCOB offers selective underwritings with a volumen of € 50 mn to € 150 mn and a final hold of € 25 mn to € 50 mn.