“Tomorrow’s banking”: At eye level with the client

“Tomorrow’s banking”:

Today we live in the “VUCA world”, in which “V”olatity, “U”ncertainty, “C”omplexity and “A”mbivalence are increasing noticeably. All of this is also leaving its mark on the financial sector and is revolutionizing the everyday working lives of current and future employees. Especially, routine activities and recurring workflows and processes are increasingly being digitalized and automated. They are being replaced by new, often very challenging tasks, which means increased efforts in terms of qualification and further training. At the same time, another fundamental change is taking place in the banking profession: The trend is moving away from specialists to generalists who are equally well versed in all facets of modern banking and at the same time think as entrepreneurially as their clients. In future, the best understanding of the client base will become the all-important competitive advantage of a bank. Today, corporate clients are better informed and experienced in financial matters than just a few years ago. What’s more, they have less and less need for banks, as there is no shortage of sources of capital in the age of low interest rates and many companies also have their own generous financial cushions. When companies choose a bank today, it is the softer factors that play the most decisive role. It is the competence, loyalty, openness and fairness of the bank employees – in other words, the people – that make the difference.