Bjarne Hackmann, 27, trainee in the HR department of Hamburg Commercial Bank since October 2019

portait photo of Bjarne Hackmann

“HR management fascinated me early on in my dual study program at the Hamburg School of Business Administration. By choosing to focus on this topic, I have already been able to get to know the various areas of responsibility. After a year working in project management at a financial communications agency, I pursued this enthusiasm and deepened it with my Master’s degree at the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule in Regensburg. HR offers an incredibly large and exciting field of work. My decision to apply for a trainee program at HCOB was driven by the desire to be able to explore this diversity in greater detail. HCOB is a tremendously interesting company facing special challenges that, in my opinion, you are currently unlikely to find in any other company. I got to know these different tasks and topics early on in the trainee program, and was able to participate and actively contribute. The opportunity to be allowed to work on the future of a company in the process of transforming continues to inspire me.”