9th German Diversity Day – HCOB shows its colors

May 2021 – Hamburg Commercial Bank understands work to be one thing above all: A question of diversity. On the “9th German Diversity Day” on May 18, the bank will naturally show its colors and commit to even more diversity in the workplace. Because diversity stands for equal opportunity and human rights as well as for economic success.

Diversity Day

It’s going to be a colorful May 18, especially on the internet. With the hashtags #GDD21, #FlagForDiversity and #DiversityUnites: It’s time to “show colors for diversity”. The "German Diversity Day" is taking place for the ninth time. The association “Charta der Vielfalt” (Diversity Charter) organizes this initiative. Hamburg Commercial Bank joined the Diversity Charter in 2020. With this voluntary commitment, HCOB pledges to ensure an unprejudiced working environment and equal opportunities for all. In doing so, she is in great and excellent company: almost 4,000 companies, institutions, academic and social organizations from Germany have now signed the charter.

"The topic of diversity is slowly getting the attention it deserves," Katrin Waechter is convinced. She has been Diversity Manager at HCOB since the beginning of this year - and, in her own words, is happy that "Hamburg Commercial Bank has been paying attention to this issue for some time now and has set itself the goal of getting even better in terms of diversity."

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Diversity becomes a success factor for companies

The aim of the "Diversity Charter," whose patron is German Chancellor Angela Merkel, is to create a working environment in which all employees are valued and promoted equally, irrespective of nationality, ethnic and social origin, religion or ideology, mental and physical abilities, age, and sexual orientation and identity. It is about respect for the uniqueness of other people. The "Diversity Charter" is thus a commitment to living together without prejudice, for equal rights and represents a commitment to an open society. At the same time, successful diversity management offers a number of advantages and opportunities: A diverse environment promotes the adaptability of organizations to external circumstances and thus increases the chances of economic success.

This is confirmed by the results of the latest "Diversity Trends" study, for which the creators of the Diversity Charter surveyed 580 executives and HR managers throughout Germany on the subject of diversity management at the end of last year:

  • Two thirds of all companies in Germany see concrete advantages for themselves in diversity management. This includes, in particular, their appeal to existing and new employees, the openness of their organization and its ability to learn as well as the promotion of innovation and creativity.
  • 63 percent of companies expect diversity management to become even more relevant in future.
  • While only about a third of companies in Germany implement diversity management, companies like Hamburg Commercial Bank stand out for having signed the “Diversity Charter” and represent almost a third of employees in Germany. Of these, more than 80 percent are currently implementing diversity projects.

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Equal opportunity means more than “women and men”

“The world is diverse. Companies and banks cannot hang onto traditional roles in society,” Waechter says. According to her, equal opportunity has long involved more than men and women. Giving women the same career opportunities and the same chances at all hierarchical levels in a bank, for example, is one thing. The other, the diversity manager continues, is the other facets of diversity: equal opportunities for people with different mental and physical abilities, for people with a migration background, different sexual orientations, different social roots or religious affiliations.

Working at Hamburg Commercial Bank is not a question of routine, but rather of diversity. And if that means being as colorful as on May 18 – all the better!