Girls’ & Boys’ Day 2021: The early bird catches the worm

April 2021 – The world of finance and banking is open to all. This was the key message at the digital Girls’ and Boys’ Day 2021 hosted by the Hamburg Commercial Bank. The successful event also showed how big the local pool of talent is.

Girls and Boys Day Icon

This can be no coincidence. The “Girls’ and Boys’ Day 2021” at Hamburg Commercial Bank took place on April 22, the same day as “Earth Day”, the global day of sustainability. Not only is the financial business becoming increasingly green – and HCOB with it, such as by setting a good example in applying strict sustainability criteria to its lending practices – alongside this, the future of the planet and, in particular the banking business, is increasingly resting in female hands. The careers of women, and the promotion of female talent, have been subjects particularly close to HCOB’s heart for many years. With numerous support programs and initiatives, focusing in particular on combining family and career, Hamburg Commercial Bank has been a staunch advocate for its female employees.

Observations by HR experts at the bank unfortunately reveal that too few young women are interested in one of the numerous career options in the banking business – or they let themselves be deterred from the outset by perceived preconceptions about the male-dominated sector. It is precisely these preconceptions and mental obstacles that the Hamburg Commercial Bank would like to clear up with its “Girls’ and Boys’ Day”. The goal: To get both boys and girls interested in potentially embarking on a future career at the Hamburg Commercial Bank.

Twenty two school kids, lots of questions and a successful event

“The early bird catches the worm,” as the saying goes: The 22 school kids who, due to pandemic restrictions, were only able to get a taste of the bank virtually, were between 12 and 18 years old. The virtual nature of the event did not detract from its lively atmosphere: After a short round of introductions, the young guests watched a film which took them on a virtual tour around the bank. This allowed them to get to know the colorful, modern campus at HCOB, the conference halls over the roofs of Hamburg with a view over the Inner Alster, and the Management Board area with a roof terrace offering a view to Hamburg’s City Hall. In further short recordings, young experts introduced their areas of work in the Hamburg Commercial Bank.

The children and adolescents were also very interested in the short information session. This is where they found out about, for example, what money actually is, what a bank does all day, and how exactly real estate financing works. The children enthusiastically bombarded the bank experts in the chat with their questions throughout the morning. One child wanted to know: “What is a day at work in the bank like?” Another wanted to get to the bottom of the origin of the bank’s logo: “Where does the logo come from and why did you use these colors in particular?” When the time came to test their knowledge in a fun quiz, the kids were very keen and showed they had learned a lot.

Whether banker, lawyer or computer scientist, the children found out all about different roles in the bank, and which talents the Hamburg Commercial Bank will be looking for in the future. It’s a definite possibility that one or more have already discovered their dream career on this brief morning on Thursday, April 22, 2021.