Market for asset-based finance: Sustainability as a new driver for Hamburg Commercial Bank

September 2021 – On September 30 and October 1, the TSI Congress 2021 in Berlin will once again bring together the who’s who of German experts in the field of asset-based finance and securitization. Specialists from Hamburg Commercial Bank are among them. In the sustainable reorganization of the economy and society, above all, smart financing structures could play an important role.

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“The dawn of a new era. Financing structural change and the climate transition with asset-based finance.” The goals for this year’s TSI Congress organized by the securitization initiative True Sale International GmbH (TSI) are certainly ambitious. The devastating floods in Germany and catastrophic fires in Southern Europe this year have strikingly demonstrated that this is the eleventh hour for the climate transition. Yet along with the insight into the need for economic and technological change, the question also arises: Where should the capital for the transformation come from?

TSI Congress 2021: From sustainability to digitization

“Asset-based finance offers us a wealth of possibilities here,” says Alexander Podolsky, Head of the Treasury Department at Hamburg Commercial Bank. Sustainability regulation specifically could have a positive impact on asset-based forms of financing, according to many market insiders, and the Congress will bring together more than 650 participants to discuss these issues. Hamburg Commercial Bank has been one of TSI’s active supporters since 2004.

The fundamental changes in the economy triggered by digitization, e-mobility and climate-neutral business, TSI believes, are not merely “the harbingers of a new era”. The initiative states that “profound upheaval in the real economy and society rarely leaves financial and capital markets unscathed. The topics of the interest rate turnaround, inflation, and the stability of the bond and equity markets are hitting the headlines more than they have for a long time.” These issues will therefore form the focus of the expert debate during the two conference days in the German capital.

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About TSI

TSI was formed in 2004 via a bank initiative in Germany, with Hamburg Commercial Bank an active supporter and equal shareholder from the outset. The common goal was, and continues to be: The TSI members want to promote the German securitization market. But today, the TSI themes extend far beyond the promotion of the German securitization market and cover wide areas of the asset-based finance market.

The shareholders or partners of TSI come from all areas of the German securitization and asset-based finance markets, including banks, consulting firms, service providers, law firms, rating agencies and associations. What they all have in common is competence and experience on the market with securitizations and asset-based finance, as well as a mutual desire to develop these areas of business. TSI represents the interests of the German securitization market and segments of the asset-based finance market linked to securitization vis-à-vis national and international decision-making bodies and other experts in their field.