Digital currencies: Expert podcast with HCOB Chief Economist

March 2022 The debate surrounding digital central bank currencies (CBDCs) is hotting up. The Chief Economist of the Hamburg Commercial Bank talks about the advantages and disadvantages of the digital euro in the “Digital Euro Podcast”. It’s well worth listening in!

Even central banks have to move with the times. A modern, ever more digital economy needs innovative payment options, but the security and reliability aspects also deserve our full attention. Whereas the topic of cryptocurrencies was only of interest to certain specialist groups and the initiated a few years ago, for some time now it has also been the topic of conversation in the offices of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt am Main. A two-year investigation phase into the digital euro started in October 2021. On completion, the final decision will be taken about its introduction but very few doubt that the decision will be a positive one.

What advantages does digital central bank money offer? What might a digital euro look like? Where are the limits and also the risks of such a means of payment? Dr. Cyrus de la Rubia, Chief Economist at Hamburg Commercial Bank, explains and discusses this in the current episode of the “Digital Euro Podcast“ of the Digital Euro Association. The DEA is a think-tank that specializes in digital central bank currencies (CBDCs), stablecoins, crypto-assets and other forms of digital money. The Hamburg Commercial Bank is the first German partner bank of the DEA.

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Dr. Cyrus de la Rubia

Chief economist