Term deposit 100Plus

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Term Deposit 100Plus

Participate in money market interest rates that are reset daily

Why not profit from rising money market interest rates - and without tying up capital for the long term?

That's exactly what you can do with the Termingeld 35Plus investment. Participate in the daily fixed money market interest rate of the 1-month EURIBOR +0.10 percent. At the same time, experience the high degree of flexibility from EUR 1 million through the daily right to terminate the capital - on the 35 calendar day in each case. At the same time, you benefit from the high level of planning reliability provided by the integrated floor.


Term deposit 100Plus

The product:

  • Investment amount from EUR 1.0 million
  • Daily right of termination
  • Until 11.00 a.m. CET for both parties
  • with effect on the 100th calendar day (modified following)
  • Current interest rate due to daily new market 3-month EURIBOR + 0.10%
  • Minimum interest rate (floor) of 0.00%.
  • Interest payments on the individually agreed date (usually monthly)
  • No capital changes during the term
  • Full repayment on the termination date
  • Confirmations at closing,Interest settlement date, termination date and due to date
  • Interest calculation act/360 adjusted, modified following


Term deposit 100Plus


  • Significant pickup compared to conventional 1 month plant
  • High flexibility due to daily
  • Right of termination of the capital
  • Participation in rising money market interest rates
  • High planning reliability due to Integrated floor


Term deposit 100Plus


  • Duration: until further notice
  • Interest: 3M-EURIBOR + 0.10%
  • Current rate: 2.075% p.a.*
  • Termination: possible at any time
  • Due date: 100calendar days after termination

*according to market data from 02.12.2022 Indicatively

One more important note. Hamburg Commercial Bank also offers term deposits with other maturities if Termingeld 100Plus is not an ideal fit for your plans.


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