The FTTH Conference 2023 is the world’s largest fibre summit. This year it will take place from april 18 to april 20 in Madrid, Spain.

Targeting 3,500+ participants from 1,000+ companies and over 100 countries, the FTTH Conference is the largest trade fair in the world for broadband stakeholders!

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet hundreds of delegates and more than 100 exhibitors and partners, showcasing the latest fibre, FTTH products & solutions and introducing the latest industry trends.

Thomas Miller, HCOB Executive Director Project Finance is leading as FTTH Investors Committee Chairperson one of the Panel featuring Senior Representatives from prominent European banks and Investment Funds.

Questions are: Public and private investors strategies are shaping the European FTTH market. Will the investment surge we have been observing in the past few months continue? What is to be expected next and what does it mean for the ecosystem?

Senior representatives from some of the most prominent European investment bodies come on stage to share their perspectives on the business case of rolling out FTTH networks in Europe. With hands-on experiences and practical case studies of successful fibre business models, there is much to learn from such an expert panel.

Christopher Brody, Chief Investment Officer of Hamburg Commercial Bank AG will be one of the panelists invited.

We are a proud partner of the upcoming FTTH Conference 2023 and will receive our clients on 19th of April 2023 at the VIP Lunch that Hamburg Commercial Bank is sponsoring.

Website: FTTH Council Europe

Event: FTTH Conference 2023 Programme