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Naturally, Hamburg Commercial Bank is also there to support its clients when they “go international.” HCOB clients benefit from the international network of the Hamburg Commercial Bank and its contacts with other finance providers, lenders and investors.

“Germany is more globally networked than almost any other economy in the world. But to do business around the world you need the right financing and the appropriate financing instruments. These can be found right here at HCOB.”

Jens Thiele, Head of Project Finance & Corporates at Hamburg Commercial Bank

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Specialty lending: New opportunities arising from diversification

Specialty lending is a relatively new business activity at Hamburg Commercial Bank. Since 2020, a small but highly effective team has been working on primary and secondary market transactions outside of Germany in order to intensify the diversification of the banking portfolio.

Specialty lending: Win-win for clients and the bank

“We’re focusing on long-term-oriented and sustainable business models, adequate free cash flows, as well as sectors and companies that are less susceptible to economic fluctuations.”

Jens Thiele, Head of Project Finance & Corporates at Hamburg Commercial Bank

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Specialty lending is a win-win deal: For our existing clients, for our new clients and for us as a bank, as we benefit from a regionally and sectorally expanded loan portfolio.

The specialty lending finance deals supplement the Bank’s loan portfolio. For that reason exposures in Western European countries and in North America are of particular interest. In addition, the team led by divisional head Jens Thiele is giving special focus to industries and companies that are not so susceptible to economic fluctuations. Conservative, long-term-oriented and sustainable business models, as well as adequate free cash flow, are further important selection criteria.

When establishing contact with potential new clients, we can draw on our close network of contacts with other banks and investors, a network which we have been building up for decades.

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Specialty lending offers us a unique opportunity to develop new target groups and access new clients. We look forward to hearing from you.

Jens Thiele

Jens Thiele

Head of Project Finance & Corporates

Phone: +49 40 3333-12611