Stresstest of EBA

HSH Nordbank successfully passed the Europe wide stress test conducted by the European Banking Authority (EBA) across 91 banks. The adverse scenario results in a Core-Tier 1 capital ratio for HSH Nordbank of 9.1 percent for end 2012. This result includes current and future restructuring and downsizing measures. Even when the assumption of a static balance sheet is made – which is unrealistic for HSH Nordbank - the ratio of 5.5 percent is above the required Core-Tier 1 benchmark.

For details on HSH Nordbank’ stress test results, please refer to the documents "HSH Nordbank Stress Test Results" and the disclosure templates.


Press Release

  • HSH Nordbank passes stress test

    Hamburg/Kiel,July 15, 2011 - HSH Nordbank has passed the European stress test stipulated by the European Banking Authority (EBA).