Infrastructure & Logistics

Our expertise

As a sector specialist we serve corporate clients in the areas of logistics (for example, transport companies, warehouse operations, port logistics), rail infrastructure, construction of locomotives and railway carriages as well as the building industry in Germany.

We focus in project financing on the the European market. We have an experienced team with extensive expertise in the different asset classes. Traditionally, we have been heavily involved in the different infrastructure fields.

We are specialists and have many years of experience in financing projects in the field of logistics and infrastructure. Among other things, we offer attractive solutions for the airport, seaport, road, tunnel, bridge, rail, supply networks (electricity, gas, broadband), tank farm segments and for projects financed under so-called public private partnerships (PPP).

Our experienced specialists have many years of sector expertise and expert knowledge in the areas of lease, project and corporate financing. We not only provide our clients with assistance in financing facilities and projects but support them from the outset: from the choice of the appropriate investment, the initial bid under a concession or bidding process to the successful conclusion.

The bank has been involved in infrastructure financing, for example the rail sector, since 1994. Whether locomotives or railway carriages, whether transport of freight or persons – Hamburg Commercial Bank is a strong partner with proven expertise in the field of rail transport.

Infrastructure & Logistics

Infrastructure & Logistics


The pace of this globalised world needs flexible logistics chains and a reliable infrastructure.


Our extensive experience allows us to support you when it comes to investing, hedging economic risks or executing your payments.


From transport management on road and rail; from the airport through to the harbour terminal: together we set the course for the success of your enterprise.

Roland Schwab, Hamburg Commercial Bank and Horst Bartels, CEO NORDFROST and Kai-Uwe Höhs, Hamburg Commercial Bank

"The bank is one of our most significant and capable partners in the lending business. We have been collaborating with them for 38 years and particularly appreciate their high reliability."

Horst Bartels, CEO NORDFROST

left to right: Roland Schwab, Hamburg Commercial Bank and Horst Bartels, CEO NORD­FROST and Kai-Uwe Höhs, Hamburg Commercial Bank

The privatised commercial bank

Hamburg Commercial Bank has traditionally been a competent and reliable partner for the upper medium-sized market in Northern Germany and beyond. We provide our clients with tailor-made offers, an extensive range of services and innovative solutions and products. We not only provide support to our clients in planning and implementing their projects but also enter into a strategic dialogue with them. We focus on sectors in which we are currently well-positioned and see further growth potential.

Our key objective is to have long-term satisfied clients. As a house bank we seek to establish a close and trusting collaboration with our clients. Drawing on our industry sector expertise, extensive range of services and intelligent product approach we develop for our clients solutions that are tailored to meet their individual requirements. The range extends from classic financing arrangements to active interest rate and currency management and the implementation of complex financing structures. We take account of the increasing demands of our clients by means of our structuring expertise that includes tax, corporate law and rating-based approaches.

Please contact us. Challenge us. We are ready to engage in a strategic dialogue with you.

Product Overview

For the A to Z of banking products - your client relationship manager is always the right contact person. We work with you to develop an appropriate solution for your requirements and the challenges of your business, for example with regard to credit insurance, special financing of investments in growth or the reorganisation of your corporate structure as part of a spin-off. Wealth Management completes our extensive range of products and services for entrepreneurs.

Whether you are looking for a complex, special solution or we are providing you with support in all matters as a core bank, we will provide you with first-class advice and always with a view of the whole. Our product development experts ensure that you are always provided with the optimal solutions for this. Optimally tailored from an expertise, content-related and technically professional as well as economic perspective.

Financial management

More about financial management

  • Professional corporate financing
  • Short-term financing of working capital
  • Medium-term growth financing
  • Long-term investment financing
  • Guarantees and sureties

Structured Finance

Find solutions for complex problems

Our experts in the area of structured finance advise your company as the interface between classical corporate banking and investment banking. From the restructuring of debt and equity capital to the securitisation of assets we support you in designing and implementing complex and multi-layered financing structures, especially in the structuring of liabilities. We also draw on other resources and expertise of the Bank as required in order to provide goal-oriented advice and solutions for your tasks. We therefore offer you an integrated and efficient approach from a single source.

More about Structured finance

  • Capital structuring
  • Structured leases
  • Project financing
  • Leveraged finance/ acquisition financing

M & A advisory

M & A advisory services for mid-cap companies

The business unit M & A advisory is your specialist advisor for mergers and acquisitions, supporting you in the successful implementation of your strategic projects. Whether you are considering selling a company, finding a successor, undertaking a merger, joint venture or acquisition, buying a stake or raising growth capital, as an entrepreneur you can trust in our many years’ of experience in financial advisory and in our excellent national and international network of contacts and business relationships.

Finding a potential buyer for your company, a co-investor or a suitable target company requires in-depth knowledge of the relevant market and business sector. Thanks to our expertise of your industry, we understand the challenges in your market and can recognise the opportunities and risks associated with them. In partnership with you, we analyse your strategic options and develop the most suitable transaction solutions for you.

These are the core industry sectors in which our M & A advisory is active:

  • Shipping, Logistics and Infrastructure
  • Industrials
  • Renewables
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer Goods

Please see our examples of transactions and mandates for these and further industries under our list of references .

Benefit from an excellent service and our exceptional financial advisory expertise in the mid-cap area.

More about M&A advisory solutions

Risk management

The professional control of interest rate, currency and default risks is an important prerequisite in the area of risk management. We support you by identifying all the risks for your business success through analysis and advice. We set the following priorities for our clients.

Fixed income and fx management

With active interest rate and currency management you can optimise your risk situation with regard to liquidity, currencies and interest rates by means of your individual and tailored profile. Derivative instruments are particularly appropriate for this purpose as interest rates and currencies can become an actively managed earnings potential for you from a given size.

More about Fixed income and fx management

Debt management

Bad debts can adversely impact the business success of a company. We are ready to advise you regarding the management of both your domestic and foreign receivables. We use a variety of instruments that range from forfaiting to government export credit schemes for your company.

Please contact us:

More on risk hedging for importers: global sourcing

More on risk hedging for exporters : certainty for your delivery transactions

More on Hermes covered export financing: export of capital goods


With our cooperation partners such as the Provinzial NordWest insurance group we can offer your company comprehensive and competent advise on all insurance topics.

Investment Management

We regard ourselves as a competent partner with many years of experience across the money, equity and bond markets - especially in the development of innovative financial market and investment products to the needs of our customers. But our classic money market and capital markets products are also in demand due to our expertise.

The objective of our professional investment management is to manage your investments in such a way that risks are minimised on the one hand and all earnings opportunities are exploited on the other.

Money market

This includes all short-term investment opportunities for your company, such as near money market funds and term deposits with short maturities. We can also provide you with innovative products, by means of which you can significantly increase the interest rate earned on your investments on a fair risk/reward ratio.

More about money market

Capital markets

We can provide you with advice on all questions relating to the equity. bond and fund business. Take advantage of our expertise accumulated over many years. Through an international network and stable partnerships we are active in all important financial markets and corresponding time zones.

More about FX products and derivatives

Cash Management

Modern and professional management of accounts and liquidity is essential for your company - our product range provides you with many options for covering all your product requirements relating to payment transactions and structuring your liquidity planning in an individual and effective manner.

We therefore offer you a wide range of payment methods, applications and communication systems that can be individually adapted at any time to your specific business circumstances and requirements. You are able to process your orders quickly and securely, conveniently and cost-effectively.

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Global Trade Finance & Exportfinanzierung

Wealth Management

Wealth Management is an integral part of our comprehensive service approach, which includes your private assets in addition to your business affairs. These are often closely linked in the case of owner-managed companies. In order to take account of the stringent requirements resulting from the interaction of private, family and company interests, we have combined our wealth management and corporate business into the Corporate Clients division. We are also one of the leading banks in Germany in the area of philanthropy & foundations .

More about our Wealth Management solutions



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