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Sector specialist for mid-cap companies

Our M & A-advisory is your specialist advisor for mergers and acquisitions, supporting you in the successful implementation of your strategic projects. Whether you are considering selling a company, finding a successor, undertaking a merger, joint venture or acquisition, buying a stake or raising growth capital, as an entrepreneur you can trust in our many years’ of experience in financial advisory and in our excellent national and international network of contacts and business relationships.

Finding a potential buyer for your company, a co-investor or a suitable target company requires in-depth knowledge of the relevant market and business sector. Thanks to our expertise of your industry, we understand the challenges in your market and can recognise the opportunities and risks associated with them. In partnership with you, we analyse your strategic options and develop the most suitable transaction solutions for you.

These are the core industry sectors in which our M & A-advisory is active:

  • Shipping, Logistics and Infrastructure
  • Industrials
  • Renewables
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer Goods

You can see our examples of transactions and mandates for these and further industries in our list of references.

Benefit from an excellent service and our exceptional financial advisory expertise in the mid-cap area.

M & A-advisory

M & A-advisory


We provide the right network and finesse to ensure your corporate interests are met and to create strategic added value.


In close cooperation with you we provide pointers as to how you can better position yourself in your industry sector in light of the current market and competitive situation.


Whether a sale or an acquisition, a merger or an equity investment - we assist you in successfully preparing your company for the future.


M & A references

Clients and Industries

Efficient processes thanks to specialisation on focus industries

  • How is my market developing?
  • Where are the successful niches in my industry?
  • How can I improve my competitive position further?
  • Who are suitable partners for an expansion?

M & A processes always go hand-in-hand with strategic topics, which vary depending on the industry in question. In-depth knowledge of the markets, their value chains, the direct and indirect competition, the economic, political and cultural framework, as well as regulatory and legal requirements is paramount in order to respond to these issues.

Our professionals have years of experience in advising clients in their respective sectors and have built up in-depth knowledge, especially in our core industries of shipping, logistics, infrastructure, as well as in industrials, renewable, healthcare and consumer goods. We have advised on and successfully completed numerous transactions on behalf of high-profile companies in these, and other sectors.

Our industry expertise allows us to recognise the challenges specific to your business and to work out realistic options. This enables us to work with you to develop a tailored solution and implement your transaction projects swiftly and successfully.

Shipping, Logistics and Infrastructure

All affected by globalisation

We are widely recognised for being an expert in our core industries thanks to numerous national and international M & A mandates.


Mergers, restructuring exercises and search for equity investors are some of the key topics in the shipping sector today. As a result of the continued difficult market conditions and the withdrawal of private and institutional investors as providers of equity or debt capital, the need for financing has risen significantly for many shipping companies.

We will accompany you through the classic M & A transaction process, where necessary assist you with your restructuring strategy, and we help you to find alternative sources of financing. We can also provide access to private equity and other investment companies, and can assist in preparing your company for the capital markets.


The logistics sector has been through a profound period of change in recent years. Increasing pressure to consolidate in some segments goes hand-in-hand with the opening up of markets that were previously regulated. Companies that intend to withstand the challenges and dynamics of a globalised market have to be flexible and open to new trends and solutions.

We will advise you in making arrangements for your successor, on divestitures of non-core businesses, in your national and international expansion, as well as in strengthening and improving your capital structure.


Since the liberalisation of the markets, size, internationalisation and strategic alliances are playing an increasingly significant role in the transport sector. Many owners of medium-sized companies are faced with making the difficult choice of selling their company to a larger conglomerate or to acquire other companies themselves in order to drive forward their own expansion.

We know suitable partners and investors, who can put your personal exit strategy into practice or who could be the right candidate for your national or international growth story.

Our long-standing experience as an advisor in the fields of shipping, logistics and infrastructure makes us a reliable and professional business partner. Make use of our expertise and the international network of the Hamburg Commercial Bank.

If you are interested in a personal meeting or simply wish to exchange ideas, we are happy to call you back.

Dr. Roland Schulz, CFA, CVA

Head of M & A Industrials, Energy & Services

Phone: +49 40 3333-15712
Fax: +49 40 3333-615712

Philipp Stürmer, CVA

Phone: +49 40 3333-15721
Fax: +49 40 3333-615721


Mechanical engineering is one of the fundamental pillars of the German industry. However, the symbol of German economic power faces major challenges: Markets outside of Europe become increasingly important. In addition, foreign low-cost players with increasing quality enter industry segments traditionally being the home of the german mid-cap business. At the same time, customers demand tailor-made system solutions and increasingly expect a comprehensive aftersales/service offering. Together with you, we develop answers to this changing competitive environment and advice on all kind of M & A transactions – ranging from succession planning, entering new markets, spinning off non-core business segments to integrating suppliers and customers. Thereby, we successfully implement your strategy.

A special focus of our activities in the industrial sector lies on process technology (“flow control”), i.e. companies offerings products such as:

  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Blowers
  • Valves
  • Sensors/Measurement technology

Dr. Roland Schulz, CFA, CVA

Head of M & A Industrials, Energy & Services

Phone: +49 40 3333-15712
Fax: +49 40 3333-615712


We possess a high degree of experience and expertise in the Renewable Energy sector, which we built structuring and facilitating a multitude of transactions. Generally covering the full range of technologies, we recently facilitated a number of Europe-wide transactions of onshore wind and PV assets. During these projects we further expanded our large network and thus have an outstanding connection to strategic and institutional senior level investors.

In addition to that, we advise our clients in mergers and acquisitions processes (buy side and sell side) on the raising of equity capital and on business valuation. Our clientele consists of project developers, companies throughout the whole value creation chain in the subsectors wind and PV, municipal utilities and energy providers.

Although the Renewable Energy sector faces a number of challenges, the market still holds a huge potential. The prospect of stable yields attracts many strategic and institutional investors. We know how internationally operating investors rate national markets and are glad to assist you. Please feel free to contact us in person or via phone.

Dr. Roland Schulz, CFA, CVA

Head of M & A Industrials, Energy & Services

Phone: +49 40 3333-15712
Fax: +49 40 3333-615712


A market driven by innovation and consolidation

Thanks to various successful transactions in the healthcare sector, we have become one of the leading financial advisors in healthcare M & A in Germany. Our industry expertise especially covers the following areas:

Acute, rehab and nursing care Hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, nursing homes, outpatient care, homecare and telemedicine
Medical technology Manufacturers of medical devices and consumables (e.g. in diagnostics, dental, ophthalmology, implants / prosthetics), as well as of pharmaceutical packaging
Pharma Innovation-driven pharmaceutical companies (Rx), generic (Gx) and over-the-counter (OTC) drug manufacturers, as well as developers and producers of phytopharmaceuticals, blood plasma, veterinary medicine and biotechnology
Healthcare services e.g. laboratories, healthcare IT, logistics, procurement, medical wholesale/retail, parallel and re-import
Health insurance Private and statutory health insurance

Privatisation and consolidation, growth through innovation and internationalisation: these are some of the topics that currently drive the healthcare sector.

We are your experienced financial advisors, who know how e.g. investors rate the prospects of the German rehab clinic market, how a public hospital fits into a larger hospital operator, which legal and political parameters generally concern the healthcare sector, what support services may be worth outsourcing, and how investors assess the value of a drug portfolio.

As M & A specialists, we develop suitable solutions for you and your company. We also find the right investors and strategic partners for your growth strategy, assist you in addressing your succession issues, and help you in making a successful acquisition in a competitive auction process.

How can we assist you? What are your questions?

Consumer Goods

Sector expertise for mid-cap transactions

In our core fields of business we have acquired many years of experience both in national and international transactions. Deeply rooted in the mid-cap business in Germany, we have successfully executed numerous M & A and corporate finance mandates.

Consumer goods

The consumer goods industry is faced with numerous challenges, including fierce price competition, the need to come up with innovations within ever-shorter timeframes and the increasing prices of raw materials and energy. This means that an ongoing consolidation process is also taking place in this industry. Growth, size and profitable niche markets create clear competitive advantages.

We can assist you in positioning your company successfully on the market through acquisitions and mergers. Our financial advisors will help you get access to strategic and financial investors, who can strengthen your capital base for further expansion. If you wish to focus primarily on your core business in the future, we can assist in maximising your proceeds from the sale of non-core assets.

Karsten Maschler

Head of M & A

Phone: +49 40 3333-15715
Fax: +49 40 3333-615715

M & A Advisory Services

First-class financial advisory services

Managing a medium-sized business these days is a demanding and challenging task. Divesting a company or parts of it, finding a successor, acquiring a competitor and raising growth capital are some of the most complex projects in a company’s history that are difficult to manage without external support when having to focus on the day-to-day operations.

Company Sale and Succession Arrangements

  • Do you intend to sell your company, or parts of it?
  • Do you wish to spin off certain divisions or sell non-core assets?
  • What options do you have as the owner of a business when it comes to solving your succession issues?
  • How can you ensure the survival of your company and monetise your business success at the same time?

More about the service portfolio of M&A advisory concerning company sale and succession arrangements

Acquisition and Expansion

  • Do you intend to take your business to the next level and expand internationally through acquisitions?
  • Do you want to become the winning bidder in an auction and acquire a company without overpaying?
  • Do you wish to extend an offer for a competitor without disclosing your identity at the outset?

More about the service portfolio of M&A advisory concerning acquisition and expansion

Mergers and Joint Ventures

  • Do you intend to strengthen your market position and are therefore planning to merge with a competitor?
  • Do you want to enter into a joint venture to be able to tap new sales channels?
  • Do you wish to create cost synergies through a merger?

More about the service portfolio of M&A advisory concerning mergers and joint ventures

Growth Capital and Raising Equity Finance

  • Do you wish to improve your balance sheet by increasing your equity ratio?
  • Do you need access to growth capital to enter the next phase of your company development?
  • Are you looking for investors in a private placement?

More about the service portfolio of M&A advisory concerning growth capital and raising equity finance


Long experience in business

With over 120 successful transactions we are one of the best established M & A advisory firms on the German market. As a part of Hamburg Commercial Bank we offer our customers access to a global network of strategic investors and external advisors. Since 2002 we have been mainly involved with medium-sized businesses: from owner-managed companies to international corporations. Our team: proven M & A-specialists.

We advise and support you. Feel free to contact us or ask for a return call.


Karsten Maschler

Head of M & A

Phone: +49 40 3333-15715
Fax: +49 40 3333-615715

Dr. Roland Schulz, CFA, CVA

Head of M & A Industrials, Energy & Services

Phone: +49 40 3333-15712
Fax: +49 40 3333-615712

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