Corporate PPA - Great potential for green electricity

March 2019 – Strategies for sustainable energy supply are becoming increasingly important for companies. Apart from energy efficiency the focus is on electricity consumption and the way in which it is produced. Power purchase aggreements (PPA) also open up interesting opportunities in view of the limited supply possibilities of electricity suppliers.

The industry survey "Corporate PPA - Going Green" from Hamburg Commercial Bank sees into what is behind Corporate PPA. In which countries have they already been established? Which are the basic versions? And how do the power purchase contracts between renewable energy producers and the consuming companies work. The industry study "Corporate PPA - Going Green" analyses current market developements in these and other areas and gives interesting insights in interviews with wellknown users of PPA and technical experts. "PPA are becoming more and more important. We are ready to support our customers in the best possible way, as soon as the general conditions allow", says Inka Klinger, Head of Origination Energy & Utilities Germany.