Cash Pooling

The increasing globalisation of the markets is posing new cash and treasury management challenges for corporate clients with domestic and foreign branch structures. Those who want to act in a professional and coordinated manner must have access at all times to reliable, current account information from domestic and international divisions and be able to actively manage such information.

Our services

With the products in the cash management product group we provide your company with a versatile and modular application that can be adapted to your requirements.

Starting with internal cash management for optimising your liquidity within Hamburg Commercial Bank via related cash management within the Savings Bank Finance Group to the multi-bank capable international cash management.

Cash management: International (multi-bank); related (within the savings banks group); internal (Hamburg Commercial Bank internal)

Structure of the cash management product family [international (multi-bank); related (within the saving banks group); intern (Hamburg Commercial Bank internal)]

Your benefits

  • By pooling balances you generate higher interest income and/or lower interest expense.
  • Internal receivables and liabilities are presented in a transparent manner and enable a better analysis to be made.
  • Manual transfer payments are replaced by standardised, automated processes. This results in both time and cost savings for you, and process risks are minimised.


Customer support for pay­ment trans­actions/Cash Manage­ment

We advise and guide you.

Cash Management

Jutta Arlt

Head of Cash and Trade Services

Phone: +49 40 3333-15293

Real Estate as well as Infrastructure & Logistics

Stefanie Buhtz

Cash Management Real Estate as well as Infrastructur & Logistics

Phone: +49 40 3333-14376
Fax: +49 40 3333-614376

Health Care as well as Saving Banks & Institutional Clients

Torsten Rösner

Cash Management Health Care as well as Saving Banks & Institutional Clients

Phone: +49 40 3333-13773

Shipping as well as Energy & Utilities

Thorsten Funk

Cash Management Shipping as well as Energy & Utilities

Phone: +49 40 3333-15291

Food Industry

Thomas Voß

Cash Management Food Industry

Phone: +49 40 3333-12883
Fax: +49 40 3333-612883


Martin Wiedemann

Cash Management Trade

Phone: +49 40 3333-14379

Industry & Services Northeast

Christian Eckardt

Cash Management Industry & Services Northeast

Phone: +49 30 203972-33

Industry & Services Southwest

Christoph Radziej

Cash Management Industry & Services Southwest

Phone: +49 211 82858-380