Services for third-party provider (PSD2)

PSD2 XS2A API | Access to account for third-party provider

Within the scope of Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), Hamburg Commercial Bank is obligated to grant third-party provider access to online-accessible payment accounts (Access 2 Account – XS2A). Hamburg Commercial Bank has implemented a dedicated interface and prepared an overview of information and relevant links for third-party provider.

In addition to the current technical interface documentation according to Berlin Group Standard and information on the authorization and registration procedures, the following pages also include details on the HCOB API registration process as well as features specific to the HCOB API.

This link will navigate you to the sandbox testing environment for any technical and operational test activities. Any interface adjustments and corresponding testing environments will be published in advance as well. This will ensure secure and unrestricted access to online-accessible payment accounts.

We will further publish known maintenance windows (uptime and downtime) for the unobstructed use of our interface and regularly publish information on its performance.

We are glad to provide a stable and secure interface, which is operated and supported by CREALOGIX in our name.

Please contact the service center for third-party provider for any questions regarding the interface.