Banking reloaded: The browser-based and multibank-capable platform solution Electronic Banking of Hamburg Commercial Bank

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In today's globalized and fast-moving business world, two things are particularly important for small and medium-sized enterprises: firstly, to manage the increasing number of payment transactions smartly. And secondly, to be able to optimally control short- and medium-term liquidity at all times. Anytime and anywhere - that is the requirement. Payments must be able to be transferred as quickly, automatically, smoothly and on time as possible via all involved bank accounts of a company at different financial institutions. In addition, it is becoming increasingly important to have digital solutions at hand that enable location-independent payment transactions. After all, mobile, decentralized working will become the norm in the post-Corona world. Anytime, anywhere - that is the demand. And with Hamburg Commercial Bank's new, browser-based and multi-bank-capable Electronic Banking platform solution, this is now becoming a reality.


What is behind HCOB's new Electronic Banking platform solution?

With the platform solution, HCOB offers its corporate customers a secure, convenient and location-independent processing of EBICS payment transactions. The browser-based electronic banking platform is an efficient tool for electronic payment transactions. Thanks to the multi-bank capability, a complete financial overview of all the company's accounts at different banks is possible. Security is given extremely high priority: As a security medium and second factor for the login, the payment release is carried out by means of a key file.

Electronic access to your accounts is in accordance with the German EBICS standard. EBICS is a multibank-capable communication procedure for corporate customers that has been coordinated within the German banking industry and with which they can reach every bank in Germany, retrieve electronic turnover information and place payment orders.

User guidance and administration in the electronic banking platform are extremely convenient. This saves you and your employees who manage payment transactions a lot of time and resources.

What are the advantages of the new electronic banking platform for your company?

From now on, you can handle all payment transactions from your mobile workplace.

  • You benefit from the transparent range of functions for your core processes in account management.
  • It gives you an overview of all integrated accounts at any time - even at different accounts - even at different banks.
  • You can display current account balances and individual account transactions in an overview.
  • If you wish, you can also receive your electronic account statements in in PDF/A format (BKA).
  • You benefit from the multilingualism of the tool. In addition to German and English, French, Italian and Spanish can also be individually set.
  • You can optionally use a mobile app for payment approvals.

What exactly are the functions of the new Electronic Banking Platform?

The new Electronic Banking Platform combines the most important functions for electronic payment transactions - clearly and precisely. These include in detail:

  • Execution of national and international payments in the DTAZV and SEPA format
  • Use of payment templates and periodic orders
  • Configurable, automatic collection of account information and EBICS status messages
  • Release of payments by means of electronic signatures (EBICS); distributed electronic signatures (VEU) possible
  • Upload of payment transaction files from your financial accounting
  • (ERP) and download files (e.g. STA) for further processing in your financial accounting (ERP)

Which functions are supported?

  • Display of user-specific activity suggestions on the start page
  • Display of new credit institutions' provision of services on the start page
  • Automatic comparison of the authorized order types and own account numbers between the electronic banking platform and EBICS bank computer (if supported on the respective EBICS bank computer)
  • Display of order files available for signature in the signature folder
  • Order check via individual payments of the order file
  • Release/cancellation of the order files by signature
  • Entry of national and international account-related payment orders
  • Template management
  • Payment orders can be saved as templates within the administration.
  • Templates are stored customer-specifically and are available to all users.
  • The templates are stored grouped in folders.
  • User login and logout with password and key file)
  • Upload of locally available order files (csv format)
  • Download of bank-generated order files
  • Automatic collection of account transactions and earmarked items
  • Configurable automatic collection of provisions
  • Display of posted account transactions (MT940 or CAMT.53)
  • Display of earmarked account turnovers (MT942 or CAMT.52)
  • Turnover search across all authorized accounts of the user
  • Collection and structured display of the customer record (HAC)
  • Collection and textual display of the customer protocol (PTK)
  • Wizard for initial key generation, submission and bank key release
  • Support of the national languages German, English, French, Italian and Spanish in the user interface and for error messages
  • Support of the EBICS version for Germany

Which system platforms are supported?

Operating systems

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux


  • Firefox (Mac OS, Windows, Linux)
  • Safari (Mac OS)
  • Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge