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International trade provides numerous opportunities for your company. Enter new markets, develop new business potential and exploit new prospects in order to ensure the long-term success of your company. However, international business is not without risk due to local circumstances, cultural differences, other legal systems and political uncertainty.

With our many years of experience as a leading bank in the trading and port metropolis of Hamburg we are looking forward to supporting you as our clients in your import and export foreign trade business.

We offer a wide range of innovative services and tailored solutions in addition to traditional products used for the classic hedging of payment flows and goods deliveries as well as the financing of foreign trade.

Besides our global network of correspondent banks we use our branches and representative offices, which are located in all major trading centres in the world.

Our experienced team of correspondent bankers as part of Global Trade Finance maintain close and personal contact with our partner banks throughout the world, but especially with banks in emerging and developing countries. We are therefore able to ensure that your foreign transactions are settled expeditiously and smoothly.

Correspondent Banking Emerging Markets

You as a corporate or savings bank client are also particularly dependent on the effective settlement of your international business. As a bank that finances foreign trade our Correspondent Banking provides you with support in emerging countries and markets. This mainly comprises documentary payment transaction products.

Our Correspondent Banking maintains and intensively manages a network of correspondent banks in these regions.

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Risk hedging for importers: global sourcing

Make use of your opportunities

As traders you take advantage of the opportunities offered by globalisation and import goods and commodities from all over the world, but especially from the world's developing and emerging countries. You encounter often enough foreign cultures, other values and seemingly incalculable legal risks.

You are dependent on the timely, complete and high quality delivery of the goods ordered - you require these for your own production processes or have already resold them on a specified date. Only full documentation, i.e. the submission of all documents required, for example, for import and customs clearance purposes, provides you with the certainty that the goods ordered will also be received on time.

We offer you a wide range of solutions comprising a variety of internationally established hedging instruments to optimally protect you against risks!

Our services

Drawing on our many years of experience in the Hamburg trading centre, the "gateway to the world", we advise and support you in choosing and structuring the individual hedging instrument appropriate for you.

In addition to documentary collection we can also open letters of credit and provide payment guarantees for you - depending on which instrument is best suited to the specific transaction and your suppliers.

Our specialists and a large team of experts in Hamburg advise you from the outset. Take advantage of our wide experience in the field of trade and import.

Your benefits

You may choose between the different hedging instruments - depending on your own risk assessment of the reliability of your supplier and your own assessment of the political risk in his country.

By providing a deferred payment letter of credit you enable your supplier to obtain refinancing from his house bank at favourable terms - a win-win situation for both partners!

A detailed specification ensures that your shipment is made on a timely basis by your supplier and full delivery documentation is submitted.

Risk hedging for exporters: certainty for your delivery transactions

Reliable throughout the world

You deliver your goods and products all over the world. You are confronted by country borders, different cultures and legal jurisdictions. The political or economic situation changes often enough in your target markets following the conclusion of your supplier contract and therefore gives rise to incalculable risks for the smooth processing of your exports.

International competition is becoming increasingly fierce, emerging countries in particular are entering the market in force. Are you countering this trend, for example, by granting payment targets, which we can refinance for you at favourable terms and thereby increase your own competitiveness.

Depending on whether you maintain a longer supply relationship with your customers or have entered into initial transactions: You may choose between the various solutions offered by us to hedge your trade receivables.

Our services

Drawing on our experience and competence in hedging and financing export transactions we support you in the secure and professional execution of your international business. Services provided by us range from documentary collection, letters of credit to very different forms of contract bonds.

Our specialists and a large team of experts in Hamburg advise you from the outset. We work with you to find the appropriate solution for your delivery transaction!

Your benefits

You will be able to open up new sales markets where the political and economic risks are fully hedged. Depending on your risk assessment you can choose between the different solutions.

Payment terms granted can be refinanced simply at favourable terms. We purchase your export receivable without recourse, i.e. you receive the purchase price immediately after the delivery is made and the export receivable is removed from the balance sheet (derecognised) at the same time.

We structure your export transactions - tailor-made to meet your requirements: the combination of different hedging instruments is often the key to success!

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