Hermes-covered export financing

Export of capital goods

For over 60 years the Federal Republic of Germany has supported the domestic economy as part of its promotion of foreign trade, thereby ensuring prosperity, competitiveness and employment. By issuing so-called "Hermes guarantees" the German state guarantees its export transactions and thereby enables you to access favourable hedging and refinancing sources.

The export of durable capital goods to foreign countries requires at all times the professional management of risks and delivery processes based on sound judgement and experience. You are often requested as early as the bidding phase to provide financing with maturities of up to ten years.

The hedging instruments provided by the government are aimed primarily at German small and medium-sized corporates - use them for your growth: secure, reliable and predictable!

Our services

Drawing on our many years of expertise in export financing we provide support in exporting your products throughout the world.

Depending on which variant is more favourable for both you and your customers, you can choose between the direct financing of your customer ("buyer credit") or a loan, which is granted by the additional involvement of a local bank ("finance credit").

Our experienced specialists in Hamburg understand the pitfalls of international delivery transactions and are well connected to the German state export credit insurer, Euler Hermes Aktiengesellschaft.

Your benefits

You increase your competitiveness by being able to offer financing to your customers on your own initiative.

The involvement of government export credit insurance enables you to grant payment terms of up to ten years and convert these terms into a cash transaction thereby reducing the balance sheet and saving credit lines.

We pay you the delivered (partial) amount immediately after the delivery is made: by this means you immediately receive the liquidity from the target receivable and new room for manoeuvre is thereby opened up.


We advise and support you.

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