Capital market, interest rate & foreign exchange management

The capital market, interest rate and currency risks under control

We support our clients with individual capital market solutions in almost all market segments - reliably and with confidence. We are the bank for your business. We advise you individually and specifically tailored to your needs when implementing your growth strategies and managing your cash and risk positions. Even though we are a small but excellent address in the capital market business and do not cover all product areas, we are proud of our long-standing and established business relationships with institutional clients, banks and financial service providers. We maintain a total of around 4000 relationships with institutional and public-sector clients in the capital markets.

In 2018, we managed a volume of EUR 3.4 billion in the form of arrangements and placements in loan and capital market syndicates.

Capital market, interest rate & foreign exchange management

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We finance and secure your business via the markets

We analyse your project and develop the best solution for you together with you. From national and international cash management to the active investment management of time deposits or promissory note loans to underwriting or syndication of loans: We offer you a comprehensive range of products. In addition, our capital market experts advise you on how to manage and hedge market price risks and provide you with access to digital trading platforms. However, our first objective is always to support you in achieving your strategic goals.

Dept Capital

At the intersection of the credit and capital markets, we offer you a comprehensive range of products. As the bank for your business, we combine your financing needs with the investment interests of our investor universe.

  • Government and quasi-government bonds
  • National Treasury Instructions
  • Pfandbriefe
  • Bearer bonds issued by banks and companies
  • Subordinated bonds, mezzanine

Syndicated Loan

Are you planning to finance a larger project? As part of a loan syndicate, we take over the origination, underwriting, syndication and arrangement of loans and capital market financing. (Link structured financing) Our advisors combine the appropriate products from the credit and capital market world for you and thus develop the most favourable solution for you. Within the scope of distribution and sales, we serve a national and international network of banking partners and institutional clients and place primary and secondary business.

We provide underwriting, arranging and placement services throughout the Bank for our medium-sized corporate customers, our real estate customers, our shipping customers and in the area of project financing.

Interest rate management

Our specialists offer you interest rate hedges for all common asset-based financing, current account and working capital loans as well as forward and follow-up financing. In addition, our advisors will be happy to assist you in optimising interest rates in your loan portfolio, in managing interest rate risks on the assets and liabilities side and in optimising cash flow. We cover all common currencies for you.

  • Interest rate swaps
  • forward rate agreements
  • Swaptions
  • Interest rate caps
  • Interest rate floors
  • Interest rate collars
  • cross currency swaps
  • Forward Sculpting Swap
  • Individually structured interest rate products

Currency Management

In international business it is important to protect your company from currency risks. We support you with the usual hedging products to protect your investments abroad as well as your import and export turnover. Our experts analyse your financial situation and develop a strategy tailored to your needs to protect your company against currency risks.

  • Spot exchange transactions
  • Forward exchange transactions
  • Foreign exchange swaps
  • Classical currency options (calls or puts)
  • Option strategies
  • cross currency swaps
  • Structured foreign exchange products

Money & Capital Market Products

Whether for short-term or long-term financing requirements - our consultants support you from the analysis of your needs through the sounding out of the market to the placement of the appropriate product on the money or capital market. In addition to consulting and placement, we also take care of documentation, maintain contact with investors and process payment flows on schedule. As the bank for your business, your strategic goals are always in the foreground for us.

Money Market Products

  • Current accounts
  • Overnight deposits
  • Time deposits
  • Repo transactions
  • Securities lending
  • Short-term securities
  • Promissory note loans
  • Capital Market Products
  • Government Bonds

National Treasury Instructions

  • Bearer bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Bank Bonds
  • Subordinated capital

Talk to us. Challenge us.

We see ourselves as a commercial bank and therefore stand for personalities with vision, passion and initiative. In particular, we support our medium-sized customers in Germany and in neighbouring European countries in their strategic projects. We are proud to know many of our clients personally. Over the years, we have acquired in-depth market and industry expertise. We look forward to discussing your projects together. Please do not hesitate to contact us.