Corporate Finance

Well advised into the future

It is challenging to run a medium-sized company: Selling companies or parts of them, arranging succession, acquiring competitors as well as raising growth capital - all these are often very complex projects, usually unique in the history of a company, which can hardly be managed apart from the day-to-day business and without external support.

Our corporate finance experts support you in the successful implementation of your plans. Together with you, we want to realize the strategic investments of your company. These may be major takeovers, spin-offs or changes in the shareholder structure.

Thanks to our integrated approach and our financial strength, we can even act as lead manager, arranger or bookrunner and, at the client's request, organise the syndication or join a consortium. As a result, low triple-digit million loans are now feasible for ourselves.

In corporate finance, we are particularly strong in those industries that we know perfectly well. In addition to commercial real estate financing, shipping, renewables, logistics and infrastructure, these are primarily trade, food and health. We can offer these clients the complete package throughout Germany - from M&A and debt advisory to underwriting and syndication. We are a small but excellent address: In the last decade we have completed an average of up to 30 transactions per year.

Credit & Loans

Average score by relevant group on a scale of 1 (“strongly disagree”) to 5 (“strongly agree”) [Quelle/Source: Hamburg Commercial Bank]

Focus on your strategy and your needs

Corporate finance processes are always accompanied by strategic issues that are influenced by the respective industry. Our consultants know your market, value chains, direct and indirect competition, economic, political and cultural conditions as well as bureaucratic and legal requirements. This enables us to provide you with well-founded answers to your questions and to develop the appropriate solutions in dialogue with you.

In future, this will also include the private equity business. In the first half of 2019, we were still very cautious about LBO financing. But in the future we want to be a very attractive partner for private equity houses in German buyouts in the range of EUR 120 to 150 million.

Furthermore, with more than 120 successfully completed transactions, we are one of the small but established M&A advisors in the German market. As part of Hamburg Commercial Bank, we offer our clients access to a global network of strategic investors and external advisors.

Our solutions

We analyse your project and develop the best solution for you together with you. In doing so, we combine our experience and expertise in corporate finance consulting with our experience in the capital market and corporate financing. If we know where you want to go, we will quickly tell you whether we can do it ourselves and make you a binding offer. And if we can't help you ourselves, we have no problem working with cooperation partners

M&A consulting

As M & A advisors, we accompany you through the entire transaction process - from the precise analysis of your options for action, the decision on the basic strategy, the preparation and individual structuring of the transaction process, the search for and selection of the right partners, right through to the signing of the contract. Our top priority is always to ensure that you achieve your goals.

We advise you on the financing options for implementing your plans, represent your interests vis-à-vis business partners and, if desired, manage the contract negotiations - for example with strategic investors, family offices, private equity companies or financing banks. As an external consultant and industry specialist, we enjoy a high level of acceptance among all market participants.

Company sale & succession

You want to sell your company or parts of it? Spin off business areas or sell assets?

Whether exit, spin-off or trade sale: we are at your side as experienced M&A advisors. Together with you, we develop the strategy for the sales process, sound out the national and international market for potential buyers and structure the entire sales process for you.

A special situation here is the issue of succession planning: If there is no successor within the family, the sale to the own or an external management team can be just as much a solution (MBO/MBI) as the sale to an investment company or a strategic investor. Your priorities are decisive for us. We listen carefully and develop a solution that fits your wishes.

Company acquisition & expansion

Do you want to grow through acquisitions and expand internationally? Make an offer to a competitor without making an appearance yourself? Whether national or international target companies: Our M&A specialists help you to assess and evaluate companies as well as the market and competitive environment. They organize the due diligence process, communicate with the sellers for you and support you in the sales negotiations.

In transaction processes like these, financing plays an important role. Fast and integrated financing solutions are part of our bank's core business. Our corporate finance experts develop and negotiate viable concepts for you with banks, investors or co-partners.

Mergers & Joint Venture

You want to expand your market position and therefore plan to merge with a competitor? Do you want to gain access to new sales channels via a joint venture? We represent your entrepreneurial goals to negotiating partners. As an internationally experienced M&A consultant, we know the global markets and their challenges. When making a strategic decision for a merger or joint venture, we consider not only the economic but also the cultural and legal dimensions and are at your side with help and advice.

Equity transactions

Do you want to strengthen your balance sheet situation through a higher equity ratio? Do you need growth capital for the next expansion stage? We will advise you on the search for equity capital and show you the appropriate options: Through our national and international contacts with companies, financial and private investors, we offer you access to various equity sources.

Talk to us. Challenge us.

We see ourselves as a commercial bank and therefore stand for personalities with vision, passion and initiative. In particular, we support our medium-sized customers in Germany and in neighbouring European countries in their strategic projects. We are proud to know many of our clients personally. Over the years, we have acquired in-depth market and industry expertise.We look forward to discussing your projects together. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jens Thiele

Jens Thiele

Head of Project Finance & Corporates