Structured financing

Achieving strategic goals

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve your strategic goals. In doing so, your financing needs can quickly go beyond a simple bilateral loan. If your company is heading for growth or consolidation, the need for more complex banking and consulting services usually increases.

As solutions, we offer you the entire spectrum - from the more complex corporate financing, acquisition financing, both for strategic investors and for investment companies, to the financing of the company acquisition by your own or an external management team. But regardless of whether you are looking for a bridging loan, balance sheet relief, an improvement in your asset position, or corporate expansion and sometimes even restructuring - your strategic plan determines the choice of financing form with us.

Detailed advice on suitable structures, documentation, coordination of the various stakeholders and close cooperation with national and international financing partners are a matter of course for us with structured loans.

Only in this way can we work with you to find the best financing structure for you.

Structured financing - achieving strategic goals

We structure your projects

Our experts work closely with our risk specialists, our capital market and working capital experts in so-called deal teams. In this way, we increase the depth of the structured solutions while ensuring continuity and industry expertise.

Furthermore, we are experienced enough to bundle the complex rights and obligations in a contract that is understandable for you. We involve you in such a way that you always have an overview of the transaction without losing sight of your daily business.

The decisive factor for us is always to structure with instruments that fit: In projects, for example, we gear the repayment of loans to the expected cash flows. And with all our experience we always look specifically at the project risks and price them fairly.

Depending on your needs and the form of financing, we also use a project or special purpose company, which offers solutions beyond the bilateral loan that are precisely tailored to your object of financing.

Syndicated loan

The syndicated loan or also syndicated credit enables you to finance larger credit volumes with several financing partners under a joint agreement. The advantage for you: You have a fixed contact person and receive uniform credit terms.

One main contact person and uniform documentation ensure transparency and clarity and also less complexity in your processes and procedures.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Coverage of high financing needs
  • One bank as your central contact, despite the involvement of several banks
  • Medium to long-term financing commitment secure
  • Financial realization of corporate strategy

Project funding

We are one of the top addresses in Germany and Europe for project financing, particularly in the fields of renewable energies and infrastructure and PPP projects.

Such projects require special financing expertise because they differ significantly from classic credit financing. The volumes, a fixed time frame for a project and a comparatively high risk often characterise the initial situation. Regardless of whether you are planning your own project or whether you are joining forces with other companies to form a special purpose vehicle for project implementation, we will support you as your business partner. With innovative and efficient structured financing, we spread the risks and protect the creditworthiness of the investors.

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Syndication and underwriting

The core of our financing solutions is the syndicated loan in the form of term loans, guarantees or working capital lines. We structure and arrange the financing, i.e. we take care of the content depending on the situation of the company and the respective reason for the financing and put together the appropriate bank consortium in close cooperation with the company.

In appropriate cases we also offer underwriting. In this way, we guarantee the fixed loan amount, even if a consortium is not formed.

Acquisition financing

Are you planning to purchase a company or parts of a company? Do you want to sell parts of your company or are you planning a handover to the next generation? Our experts will provide you with comprehensive advice and structure a leveraged buy-out (LBO) or sale to your own or an external management team (management buy-out, MBO/management buy-in, MBI). If desired, we can supplement the financing with more extensive debt financing (investment/working capital financing, documentary business). In this context, we also advise and support refinancing during corporate and group restructuring.

Export and trade finance

Trade is one of the most basic businesses of companies. Counterparty risks and liquidity fluctuations are often the greatest challenges here. We can help you hedge these and other trading risks, improve your liquidity and strengthen your balance sheet by financing trade and supply chains.

Our specialists are familiar with the pitfalls of international supply transactions and handle all common product types from letters of credit to forfaiting and guarantees (foreign guarantees and sureties) or documentary collection. We also structure ECA-covered financing (e.g. Euler Hermes-covered buyer credit) and provide consulting services linked to ECA processes.

We maintain very close relationships with correspondent banks around the world and with state export credit agencies, including Euler Hermes Aktiengesellschaft.

Growth Financing

You have developed a growth strategy for your company and are now looking for suitable financing? Our consultants pride themselves on knowing and understanding their clients in every detail. This is how we manage to develop tailor-made solutions for each individual. Together with you, we design a financing structure that fits your growth strategy. In doing so, we make use of the various financing instruments. Whether equity or debt capital, leasing or factoring - it is the mix that makes the difference. Our goal: You achieve your strategic goals as easily as possible.

Balance sheet structuring

We help you to better structure your balance sheet. To this end, we combine the various financing instruments with legal and other design structures in order to achieve an additional benefit for your company in addition to the pure financing function.

For example, if you have a large number of individual agreements on the liabilities side, we will improve the maturity structure or set up a new syndicate structure: Always with the aim of making your company stable in the long term.


We support our medium-sized clients in structuring leasing-based projects for investment in real estate, movable and intangible assets. Our close cooperation with the DAL Group enables us to develop optimised off-balance-sheet financing from a single source for you.

Basel III, the conversion of accounting to IFRS or US-GAAP, but also the (tax) optimisation of acquisitions or succession planning for entrepreneurial families are just some of the challenges that we are happy to face hand in hand with the leasing specialists.

In the area of structured leases, we arrange or structure financing for the owner or user of individual or aggregated assets, which, in addition to the pure financing function, also helps to achieve balance sheet, tax or risk-related goals.

Not least because of our expertise, leasing companies themselves are customers of HCOB. We take over their refinancing. This is a very interesting field of activity for us: 2018 was another record year for the leasing industry with a new business volume of around 70 billion euros. Further growth of three to four percent per annum is forecast for 2019 and subsequent years.


One thing is clear to everyone: solid financing is the basis of any healthy company. The classic overdraft facility or the sale of the receivables to a factoring company specialising in this area is suitable for financing the receivables.

We broker these receivables from goods deliveries and services. You then benefit from improved liquidity and protect your credit line. Whether in Germany or abroad, our experts will find the right solution for you.

Especially in the food industry, in trade or for industrial companies, our consultants know the specific challenges of the sector.

And this expertise also means that factoring companies themselves are among our clients. There are currently around 150 factoring companies in Germany that are certified by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). In 2018, the factoring volume was 244 billion euros, and experts expect annual growth of around seven percent in this business segment. This means that the financing requirements of factoring companies will grow by up to two billion euros per year. Through this commitment, we can offer you the opportunity to grow with less risk and to improve your own position in competition.

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