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Sustainable Business Culture

As a signatory of the UNEP FI "Principles for Responsible Banking" , Hamburg Commercial Bank will ensure that sustainability aspects are integrated into its business activities.

It is the claim of HCOB be one of the leading companies in the field of sustainable management in Germany.

To achieve this ambitious goal, the HCOB has implemented Guiding Principles for specific ESG:

1. Sustainable action is a formative component of our "HCOB-DNA". This clearly reflects our business orientation and our management of risks. In the stringent and independent governance of ESG aspects our management board members actively take responsibility.
2. We increase / extend our finance in sustainable business activities and projects (e.g. in the field of renewable energies) and offer ESG oriented products (e.g. Green Bonds) to our investors. We intend to have a green loan portfolio and to be aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement.
3. We actively support the transformation of our clients' business models towards more sustainability.
4. We have excluded certain non-sustainable business sectors (“blacklist”). We will not do business with companies violating human dignity and human rights, and violating global norms in general. We step back from business activities in countries with either a high level of corruption or a very low level of peacefulness.
5. We regard motivated and qualified employees as a key to achieving sustainability. Flexible forms of work to promote the compatibility of career and family are important to us. Discrimination or harassment of employees in any form is unacceptable for us. We believe that diversity is beneficial to our success.
6. We connect sustainability in operational business with technology, digitalization and innovation.
7. A culture of effective, responsible and transparent management shapes us.
8. We are committed to the sustainable promotion of our country and the common good.
9. Openly and transparently we speak about our strengths and weaknesses.

The business strategy and the strategic risk framework define the achievement of sustainability targets as binding.

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