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HCOB - an employer with responsibility

Co-determination, equality and a wide range of social benefits have a long tradition at Hamburg Commercial Bank. The bank actively involves employee representatives and respects the rights of trade unions. Both in Kiel and in Hamburg there is a representation of severely disabled employees.

The bank regularly develops a promotion plan for equal opportunities in a bank-wide working group - the patronage is held by the chairman of the board. In addition ,the bank actively supports women and men in all issues relating to the compatibility of work and family. Female talents of all ages are encouraged and preferred when filling positions. The bank offers its employees a varied and comprehensive further training and qualification program, which is increasingly concerned with promoting digital skills.

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Work-Life-Balance is very important for the HCOB

Promoting young talent is an important issue for the bank, which offers young people a classic apprenticeship, dual studies and trainee work. The bank offers its employees various opportunities to promote health and improve the work-life balance. A company health management system (BGM) promotes health in the workplace; the company medical service supports employees in occupational and social medical issues while observing medical confidentiality. A social counseling service has been set up in both Kiel and Hamburg.

The bank supports the staff in caring for relatives, among other things with a regular series of lectures as well as two "caregiver pilots" who can give tips and mediation advice. In addition, the external service provider "pme Familienservice" provides advice on issues relating to the need for care. The bank also offers parents free emergency childcare if regular care is unavailable. Since 2007 the bank has been awarded the "audit berufundfamilie" of the non-profit Hertie Foundation as a family-conscious company. A family-friendly personnel policy includes the possibility of flexible working hours - HCOB also offers this to its employees. As a signatory of the "Charter of Diversity" , the bank promotes diversity in the world of work and is actively committed to an appreciative and unprejudiced working environment.

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