Sustainability in the company: How HCOB works

Those who set high standards for others must also meet them themselves: For this reason, the Bank sets high standards for itself and its actions. For example, HCOB not only takes care to treat existing resources with care and respect and to use these resources as effectively and sensibly as possible. But also responsible human resources work with a wide range of offers for employees is a matter of course for the Bank and is particularly important in times of upheaval. The Bank is committed to sustainable corporate governance.


Sustainable corporate management at HCOB

For HCOB, sustainable corporate governance goes far beyond compliance with the law. For example, the Bank has voluntarily recognised the "German Corporate Governance Code" (DCGK) since 2005. According to this code, the Management Board and Supervisory Board are obliged to report annually on the company's corporate governance in the annual report. Pursuant to Section 161 of the German Stock Corporation Act, the Management Board and Supervisory Board of a listed company must declare each year that the recommendations of the GCGC have been and are being complied with - or which recommendations are not being applied. As an unlisted company, HCOB issues this "Declaration of Conformity" voluntarily.

With its "Code of Conduct", the Bank has developed a central orientation framework for its staff. It summarises the key rules and provides a binding guideline for sustainable corporate governance. In addition to the classic compliance rules, including those relating to the prevention of money laundering, sanctions and terrorism as well as the prevention of other criminal acts, HCOB's Code of Conduct includes clear rules for conduct in the areas of tax, finance, risk management, information security, data protection and communication. The Bank does not tolerate any violations of the law and consistently sanctions such misconduct. Internal bank offices are in place for reporting violations. In addition, we have an external whistleblowing office to which tips can be reported anonymously. Furthermore, in its Code of Conduct, the Bank addresses its idea of social and responsible personnel management.

You can download our Code of Conduct here.

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Sustainable climate and environmental protection at HCOB

As a company, we are committed to maintaining high environmental standards and using resources sparingly.

An important focus is on reducing the Bank's own energy consumption - HCOB has already been sourcing its electricity from renewable sources since 2018.

In order to reduce the carbon footprint, the Bank's staff are encouraged to give priority to rail travel for business trips and to avoid flights where possible. At the same time, the Bank has decided to pay voluntary compensation for the CO2 generated by heating, fuel consumption and flights.

All vehicles in the already significantly reduced fleet comply with the latest Euro standards. In accordance with the Bank's car policy, the engine capacity of company cars is limited to two litres. In addition, a start has been made on converting the fleet to electric mobility.

More detailed information on our carbon footprint, among other things, can be found in our CSR Report and in our ESG Factbook .

Sustainable human resources management at Hamburg Commercial Bank

As part of its social responsibility, the Bank considers responsible human resources work to be extremely important. This includes not only appropriate remuneration and extensive social benefits, but also other aspects:

Equality and diversity

As a signatory to the " Diversity Charter ", the Bank actively promotes diversity in the world of work and is committed to an appreciative and prejudice-free working environment.

All activities relating to diversity and equality are the responsibility of the Diversity Management Team, which consists of two women, one of whom can devote herself exclusively to her role as Diversity Manager.

The Bank regularly draws up an equal opportunities promotion plan in a Bank-wide working group - under the auspices of the Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors. In addition, the Bank actively supports women and men in all issues relating to the compatibility of career and family. Female talents of all ages are promoted and given preference when filling positions. As part of this, we have developed a women's promotion plan, which is revised every four years. At the end of last year, 22 percent of department heads were women. The Bank has now set itself the goal of further increasing this ratio and supporting the issues of equal opportunities and diversity even more intensively through a variety of measures.


Since 2007, the Bank has been awarded with the certificate "auditberufundfamilie" (work and family audit) by the non-profit Hertie Foundation as a family-conscious company. A family-friendly human resources policy also includes the option of flexible working hours - something HCOB also offers to its employees. In addition, the Bank supports its staff in caring for relatives, among other things with a regular series of lectures and two "care guides" who can provide tips and referrals. In addition, the external service provider "pme Familienservice" provides advice on questions relating to the need for care. The Bank also offers parents free emergency childcare if regular childcare is not available.

Promotion of talents and further education of our employees

Promoting young talent is an important topic for the Bank. For decades, HCOB and its predecessor institutions have enabled young people to complete a traditional apprenticeship, a dual course of study or a trainee programme. HCOB also offers the possibility of internships.

HCOB offers its employees a diverse and extensive training and qualification programme, which is increasingly concerned about the promotion of digital skills. We enable our employees to participate in both internal and external training courses. The focus is not only on the needs of the bank, but we also consciously pay attention to the professional and personal development goals of our employees.

Read more about careers at HCOB here .

Workplace co-determination

Workplace co-determination, equal opportunities and a wide range of social benefits have a long tradition at Hamburg Commercial Bank. The Bank actively involves employee representatives and respects the rights of trade unions. There is also a representative body for severely disabled employees in both Kiel and Hamburg.

Work-life balance and the health of the workforce

HCOB supports its employees in finding a good work-life balance. For example, by offering various part-time models. In addition, the Bank offers its employees various opportunities to promote their health. This includes, for example, a "health month", during which various offers are made for more physical exercise and healthy nutrition. In addition, the company health management (BGM) promotes health at the workplace; the company medical service supports employees in occupational and socio-medical issues while observing medical confidentiality, among other things through individual consultations with doctors or the social counselling service, which has been set up in both Kiel and Hamburg.

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Social responsibility: Sustainability projects at Hamburg Commercial Bank

Based on the firm conviction that success should not only be measured by financial and economic key figures, HCOB also takes on a great deal of social responsibility outside the boundaries of its business activities. Its commitment ranges from the promotion and support of foundations to targeted sponsoring and donations to numerous projects in our home region of northern Germany.

Two things are particularly close to our hearts: culture and sport. The difficult time of the Corona pandemic in particular teaches us how important these two areas are for our lives and what we miss if we can't have them. .

Culture and sport - these are first and foremost an expression of understanding across all differences and a sign of an open society. We would like to make a contribution to this in our region with our sponsorship. We have been supporting the following projects and organisations for many years or decades - this is also proof of our convinced and loyal attitude as a partner and promoter in cultural sponsoring and sports sponsoring.

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

With the Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg not only has a spectacular new architectural landmark, but also one of the best concert halls in the world. The programme presents the best that the international music scene has to offer and ranges from classical to jazz to world music and pop. Hamburg Commercial Bank has supported the "Elphi" as a "Classic Sponsor" since its opening in 2016.

Art Foundation for Schleswig-Holstein

Hamburg Commercial Bank promotes contemporary visual arts and culture in Schleswig-Holstein through its Art Foundation, which was established by LB Kiel in 1992. The Foundation enables a curator to develop and ¬implement an art programme in line with the Foundation's purpose. At the core of the foundation's purpose is the promotion of young, talented artists. Especially the start into this profession, which is as fulfilling as it is associated with many imponderables, requires courage and a strong, supportive hand.

Hamburg European Open

Since the tournament started in 1892, Hamburg's Rothenbaum has seen countless great sporting events, extraordinary tennis stories and tennis history, many victories by favourites, but also many a success by a supposed underdog. Two years ago, the clay court classic reinvented itself under the clever leadership of tournament director Sandra Reichel and has since been called the "Hamburg European Open". Since 2020, the Hamburg Commercial Bank has sponsored the men's tennis tournament and in 2021, for the first time again, the women's tournament at Rothenbaum.

You can find out more about our social initiatives and our commitment as a sponsor and donor here .

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