Sustainability reporting at Hamburg Commercial Bank

We apply the highest standards to ourselves when it comes to sustainability. Nevertheless, we always need an external view to obtain an objective overall picture. To this end, HCOB regularly submits itself to the judgement of renowned sustainability agencies, which assess HCOB's current status and progress in the field of sustainability in all three facets of the ESG approach. Below you will find the sustainability ratings for the past year.

Sustainability reporting of HCOB

Core key figures

Our goal and aspiration is to make the Bank's progress in the field of sustainability measurable not only qualitatively but also quantitatively.

For this reason, we have compiled a number of key figures on the subject of "Sustainability at HCOB" that we find very informative:

Agency Latest rating as at Rating / Score Reports
Sustainalytics 12/2022 Risk Score 13 Rating Report
ISS 07/2022 C-, (2nd decile)
MSCI 11/2021 BBB
Moody`s 04/2021 46/100 Rating Report

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CSR reports and ESG factbook

For the status of the implementation of HCOB's sustainability strategy as well as the sustainability approach, the ESG Factbook has been prepared. In this document, you will find even more detailed information on the most important points and aspects on the topic of sustainability in our bank.

Our annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report also provides detailed information on the topic of sustainability at HCOB.

Sustainability disclosure


If you would like to explore the topic of sustainability at HCOB in more detail, the documents listed below offer you another opportunity to obtain more detailed information about the Bank's commitment to sustainability:

Further topics in the area of sustainability

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