Sustainable Management

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The responsibility as a company and Lenders

Hamburg Commercial Bank is increasingly gearing its activities to the ESG criteria successfully established in the financial sector - ESG stands for "E"nvironmental, "S"ocial and "G"overnance. On the one hand, sustainability means, as a company, treating its resources with care and respect. At the same time, the bank integrates ESG criteria into its lending process - and in this way actively influences customers to use the bank's financial resources to implement sustainable business models . The increased orientation of its own actions towards ESG criteria makes an important contribution to the bank's future viability . The aim of HCOB is to use all available resources as effectively and sensibly as possible.

Sustainable Management

In accordance with the goals of the world community

For the HCOB there is no question that companies and banks, as important social stakeholders , must also react to what is probably the greatest challenge of our time: climate change. The bank therefore aligns its actions with, among other things, the "Paris Climate Convention" of December 2015 and the 17 "Sustainable Development Goals“ , which all member states of the United Nations have agreed to in 2015. It has developed its own "Guiding Principles" in accordance with these global standards. Its own principles serve as a guide for the Bank, which is both a point of orientation and a target.

The ESG commitment of HCOB relates to its own actions, but also to those of its business partners - this applies to all three dimensions of sustainability: in addition to the currently particularly high-profile environmental issue, there are the equally relevant social and corporate governance aspects. To ensure that these aspects are taken into account,the bank has defined clear exclusion criteria for transactions - the so-called Black List. This list includes countries and business areas with which or in which no deals are made: These are, for example, countries with a high level of corruption and business areas such as weapons production or the nuclear industry. Business partners who do not adhere to social standards are also not considered for the bank.

High standards for our own actions

Anyone who sets high standards for others must also meet them themselves - on a large scale as well as on a supposedly small scale: For HCOB , sustainability therefore also means that company cars use as little fuel as possible , office lighting systems are economical and paper and water consumption is reduced. The bank's employees are exposed to stress, especially in times of upheaval, which is why the bank provides comprehensive health management including social counseling . Compliance with the "German Corporate Governance Code" (DCGK) is a matter of course for HCOB - an internal "Code of Conduct" provides binding guidelines for good corporate management.

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