April 2019 - A contact lens expands everyday life through holographic projections, personal information is no longer a valuable commodity, the state no longer allows privacy: This vision is described in the 360-degree film "HoloSense - All Eyes on You", which was made by four students of the Kiel University of Applied Sciences and which has now been awarded an "Excellence Award" at the Festival of Science Visualisation in Tokyo.

The five-minute film tells of a world in data frenzy. In this vision of the future, data protection is completely eliminated in favour of security. Anytime and anywhere, all information about anyone can be accessed. The film offers a glimpse into a transparent future. The man made of glass no longer has any secrets. The contact lens showed information about fellow human beings and the environment. The anonymity is lifted.

The film project "HoloSense - All Eyes on You" was supported and made possible by the Art Foundation and curated by Professor Eduard Thomas from the Faculty of Cultural and Business Communication at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences. The film is intended to make people think. In this project, viewers wearing Virtual Reality (VR) glasses immerse themselves in the events of the film.

Holosense on Tour

The film "Holosense - All Eyes on You" can be viewed in the computer museum of the Kiel University of Applied Sciences on Saturdays and Sundays from 14 to 18 hrs. Since the film is produced using VR technology, it can only be viewed with the appropriate glasses provided on site. At the end of October the film will also be shown at the Nordic Film Days in Lübeck and at the end of May 2019 at the international FullDome Festival in Jena.