We are truly dedicated to our home region

The north of Germany is our core business region. As regional bank of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein we are traditionally rooted here. We feel very obliged to this region and mainly support projects and initiatives here as a strong and trustworthy partner.

Elbphilharmonie and Ensemble Resonanz

The Elbphilharmonie provides Hamburg with not only a new landmark but also one of the best concert halls in the world. The programme presents the best that the international music scene has to offer and ranges from classical music to jazz to world music and pop. At the same time the city's distinguished orchestras such as the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra, Philharmonic State Orchestra and Hamburg Symphony Orchestra create their own series of concerts.

As the resident ensemble of the Elbphilharmonie small concert hall Ensemble Resonanz with its programme concepts is also represented in Hamburg's new concert hall. Hamburg Commercial Bank supports the residency of Ensemble Resonanz at the Elbphilharmonie and thereby makes a contribution to presenting classical music in a lively manner.

Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival – Experiencing Music in a New Way

The Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival has an international reputation. Exceptional and extraordinary locations offer a unique atmosphere for concerts. In cooperation with the Savings Bank Finance Group we support the festival and therefore eight weeks of concert enjoyment in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.

We enlarge our engagement with the donation of the Leonard Bernstein Award. This price awards young, talented musicians for extraordinary achievements.

More about Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival

More about Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival on www.shmf.de