Science and Industry

We are truly dedicated to our home region

The north of Germany is our core business region. As regional bank of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein we are traditionally rooted here. We feel very obliged to this region and mainly support projects and initiatives here as a strong and trustworthy partner.

Urban Partnership Forum

Do cities such as Hamburg, León, Dar es Salaam and Marseille have something in common? Four cities located on three different continents shaped by different climates and diverse cultures? The answer was given by the third Urban Partnership Forum. Since 2015 the Hamburger Abendblatt and Hamburg Commercial Bank have invited three twin cities of Hamburg once a year to exchange information. In 2017 Marseille, Dar es Salaam and León were guests.

Hamburg TEDx Salon on the topic of disruption

Ideas that push boundaries
"Ideas worth spreading" on the conference at the Hamburg TEDx salon held on 25 February 2016, which was sponsored by HSH Nordbank, experts from various disciplines discussed the topic of "disruption", i.e. discontinuity, fundamental changes. The aspiration of the TED events and conferences, which have been held since 1984, is high: to stimulate, to share ideas and drive forward their implementation. And to put interesting people in contact with each other. It was no coincidence that Pascal Finette introduced his talk with a Chinese proverb, which, roughly translated, means: "I hope you live in interesting times." Look for yourself.