Financial Ratings

The leading international ratings agencies Moody's and Standard & Poor's have issued the following credit assessments of Hamburg Commercial Bank:

Issuer Ratings Moody's S & P
Counterparty Rating Baa2 BBB+
Deposit Rating Baa2 -
Issuer Credit Rating (long-term) Baa2 BBB
Short-term Debt P-2 A-2
Stand-alone Rating (financial strength) ba2 bbb-
Instrument Ratings
(secured issuances)
Moody's S & P
Public Sector Covered Bonds Aa2 -
Mortgage Covered Bonds Aa2 -
Ship Covered Bonds A3 -
Instrument Ratings
(unsecured issuances)
Moody's S & P
"Preferred" Senior Unsecured Debt Baa2 -
"Non-Preferred" Senior Unsecured Debt
Baa3 -
Subordinated Debt (Tier 2) Ba3 -
Hybrid Capital (Tier 1) C -


negative outlook

under review for possible downgrade


under review for possible upgrade

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Moody's S & P
Detailed rating reports Credit Opinion:
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Sustainability Ratings

imug (updated 3 July 2018)
Uncovered Bonds neutral (CCC)
Public Sector Covered Bonds positive (BBB)
Mortgage Covered Bonds positive (B)
Ship Covered Bonds neutral (CCC)

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