Social responsibility: the bank as a corporate citizen

Hamburg Commercial Bank is committed to social causes, sport, and culture

Hamburg is our home. As a company rooted in northern Germany, cosmopolitanism and an international perspective are part of our self-image. This applies not only to our business activities in the international financing of real estate projects, shipping commitments, or infrastructure projects. It also applies to the areas where we are committed to assuming social responsibility with firm conviction: We take our corporate social responsibility very seriously.

Social causes, sport, and culture are particularly close to our hearts. The difficult time of the coronavirus pandemic, in particular, teaches us that we must think beyond our own cosmos.

Culture and sport—these are first and foremost expressions of understanding across all differences and the flagships of an open society. They are particularly close to our hearts. In line with our corporate social responsibility guidelines, we would like to make a contribution here in our region with our sponsoring. We have been supporting the following projects and organizations for many years or decades—this is also proof of our CSR in action and our positive and loyal attitude as a partner, sponsor, and supporter.

Sponsoring: This is where Hamburg Commercial Bank gets involved

Social commitment of Hamburg Commercial Bank: From people for people

The Bank’s employees and HCOB itself have always been committed to social causes. This commitment has increased in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Since the outbreak of the crisis, the Bank has already twice launched a comprehensive package of donations for a number of non-profit organizations in the north. A total of 23 clubs, societies, and foundations from Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, for example, each received between EUR 40,000 and EUR 100,000 as part of the two donation campaigns to support their valuable work. The sponsorships have different focuses and are committed to helping the needy elderly, children in need or from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, victims of domestic violence, the homeless, and people with disabilities and their families.

Hamburg European Open

Tennis Commitment at Rothenbaum

Grand Slam feeling at the Rothenbaum! The Hamburg European Open in 2022 took place as a "combined event". This means that men and women played in parallel in the Hanseatic city from 16 to 24 July 2022. The last time this happened in the history of the clay court classic was in 1978. "I am extremely happy that we have succeeded in doing this together with our partners. For me, this is a dream come true! For me, a combined tournament is the ultimate product for tennis fans," said Tournament Director Sandra Reichel. The Hamburg European Open is now in illustrious company in the tournament landscape! There are only five other "combined events" in Europe: Wimbledon, the French Open, the two Masters’ tournaments in Rome and Madrid as well as Eastbourne (England).
For Hamburg Commercial Bank a good reason to continue its commitment for corporate citizenship “combined” with equal opportunities for all genders.

Also in 2023 the HCOB sponsorship will be renewed. Advantage, Hamburg!

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg (Elbe Philharmonic Hall)

The cultural landmark of the Hanseatic city

With the Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg not only has a spectacular new architectural landmark but also one of the best concert halls in the world. The program presents the best the international music scene has to offer, ranging from classical and jazz to world music and pop.

At the same time, the city’s top-ranking orchestras, such as the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra, the Philharmonic State Orchestra, and the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra, create their own concert series.

Hamburg Commercial Bank has already been supporting the Elbphilharmonie as a "Classic Sponsor" since its opening in 2016.

We say thank you!

Now, on October 21 and 22, the Elbphilharmonie opens its doors to the LinkedIn followers of Hamburg Commercial Bank and invites you to an exclusive look behind the scenes. In addition to a breathtaking view of the city, you can expect a diverse program: music in the Great Hall, cultural highlights in the foyers and on the Plaza, technology shows in the Small Hall, exciting short tours behind the scenes and much more.

Follow us on LinkedIn and simply register for the event, but don't delay, because seats are limited - first come, first serve." So hurry and secure your ticket for October 21 or 22 at 11:45 a.m. and experience the Elbphilharmonie from a completely new perspective.

HCOB Art Foundation for Schleswig-Holstein

Start-up Aid for Talented Young Artists

Icon Kunststiftung

The Hamburg Commercial Bank promotes contemporary fine arts and culture in Schleswig-Holstein through its Art Foundation, which was established in 1992 by the former LB Kiel. The foundation allows a curator to develop and implement an art program that corresponds to the foundation’s main objective,

The HCOB Art Foundation above all, supports young, talented artists. Getting started in this profession, which is associated with a great deal of insecurity, requires a lot of courage and a strong, helping hand. We are happy to extend one.

Board of trustees:

Ulrik Lackschewitz, Member of the Board of HCOB, Hamburg

Karin Prien, Minister for Education, Science and Culture of the State of Schleswig-Holstein

Dr. Bernd Brandes-Druba, Managing Director of Sparkassenstiftung Schleswig-Holstein (Kiel) and Foundation Advisor at the Sparkassen- und Giroverband for Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel

Dr. Ulrich Junghölter, Kiel

Dagmar Linden M.A., Head of Museum Certification Schleswig-Holstein/Hamburg, Rendsburg

Board of Directors:

Angela Giacomin

Nicole Neumann

Business office:

Friederike Rummer, Kiel

Programme 2023: “WIR! Worlds in Resonance”

The abbreviation stands for “Worlds in Resonance”. In the project, living worlds meet that would otherwise hardly find each other. This is possible because the two artists Chili Seitz and Ute Diez from Kiel are developing a work of art together with a group of people with disabilities . An interactive and barrier-free installation is planned, which only becomes complete when the viewers become active. The installation is to consist of different parts in different places. The objects are connected to each other, they react to each other, they enable resonance. A vernissage in November 2023 is planned as the conclusion of the project.

Since 2014, the visual artists Seitz and Diez have been developing artistic strategies as "büro für nicht lineares denken" (“office for non-linear thinking”) that seek references to society and the everyday. Laura Schwörer, education specialist at the Institute for Inclusive Education in Kiel and also an artist, collaborates in the workshops. The workshops will be moderated by Silke Adam, specialist for “Augmentative and Alternative Communication” and “Easy Language”. All other participants are employees of the Stiftung Drachensee in Kiel with different backgrounds. Stiftung Drachensee is an institution that offers services for people with disabilities in the areas of work, education, living and leisure.

The project “WIR!” is supported by the HCOB Art Foundation for Schleswig-Holstein with almost 45,000 euros. The foundation has been supporting various art projects in Schleswig-Holstein for more than 30 years. “We are very impressed by the project's inclusive and integrative approach,” said Ulrik Lackschewitz, Chief Risk Officer and Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Hamburg Commercial Bank. “`WIR!` makes an important contribution to inclusive work and explores new dimensions. We are pleased that our foundation can support this.”

The project is curated and developed by Gesa Kobs, the managing director of the Institute for Inclusive Education at Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel and IIB2 gGmbH.

Programme 2021: "sinn.vor.ort."

Programme 2019: "Studio 15 | 25"

Studio 15 │25

Art for and with us.

Under the title "Studio 15 │25" Dr. Michael Fuhr curated an art program for the art foundation for the year 2019.

It was a nationally unique programme that brought together artists with teenagers and young adults between 15 and 25 years of age.

Dr. Michael Fuhr, director of the Museumsberg Flensburg, has developed an innovative, attractive concept for the art foundation, which distinguishes both the participating artists and the young participants in a unique way. In the course of 2019, 10 workshops were held by artists for young people. The results of these workshops were exhibited until the end of the year. The museum provided two rooms in the Hans-Christiansen-Haus throughout the project. Between the workshops, a supporting programme in the exhibition rooms offered opportunities for exchange with a broad public.

In the workshops, teenagers, trainees, students and young adults could experience authentic originals in the museum, they could meet artists and work together with them. The participants were given the chance to become artistically active themselves and find their own personal approach to art. Professional art educators organized and accompanied the workshops and the events of the supporting program.

The workshops produced works of art or multimedia documentations. Changing presentations showed the works of the participants or the documentation of their actions. Thus a constantly changing exhibition was created with the active participation of the project participants and visitors. The rooms remained accessible to the general public the whole time.

It is the first project of the Art Foundation that deliberately aimed at introducing young people between the ages of 15 and 25 to the museum.

Programme 2017-2018: "How real is the future? - Digitisation influences generations".

The forthcoming programme of the Art Foundation is concerned with new perceptions of reality and thus illuminates a new aspect of contemporary culture.

Eduard Thomas, Director of the Media Dome of the University of Applied Sciences, Kiel, was able to convince the Board of Trustees of the Kunststiftung with his project proposal to use the funding for 2018 to research the question "How real is the future? The aim is to create a film that presents the topic from the perspective of the students of the Department of Cultural and Scientific Communication to a large non-scientific audience. The short film will be presented in the Mediendom of the Kiel University of Applied Sciences and will be widely distributed in national and international networks.

The project will start in the coming winter semester with a research phase in which the extensive facets of the "digital revolution" will be made accessible. How do digital developments change global social processes and almost all areas of life, e.g. social interaction and health, production processes and global sales structures? How is human culture influenced and how real is the future? It is obvious to pursue these questions on the basis of the ideas and life goals of young people who have turned to digital media in their own life planning. Starting from the roots of the digital world with its first visions and mistakes, the content of the book will cover foreseeable developments, opportunities and also threats that unfold in advance.

The aim is to produce a computer animation film as a 360-degree dome production with 3D sound as well as a version for interactively usable virtual reality glasses. In the conception, not only contemporary but also innovative approaches are to be developed in order to do justice to the future-oriented orientation of the topic in the implementation.

The Mediendom of the FH Kiel (german only) has extensive production experience and has received internationally renowned awards. "The implementation of the results in audio-visual media allows the audience to experience the scientific work at first hand and makes it accessible via networks worldwide," says Torsten Temp, Chairman of the Foundation's Board of Trustees. It is the first project since the foundation was founded that promotes "virtual reality" and is curated by a professor for cultural and scientific communication.

Programme 2015-2017: „Marina“

Georg Fritzsch, General Music Director at Kiel Theater, has been appointed curator of the HSH Nordbank Art Foundation for the years 2016/2017. At Mr. Fritzsch's suggestion, the "Marina" project is being implemented together with the voluntary staff of the Akademien am Theater Kiel e.V.

The commissioned work "Marina" is based on the famous fairy tale "The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Andersen and is a very special project. For the first time, the young members of all sections of the Akademien am Theater Kiel e.V. will stand together on the big stage of the Schauspielhaus and bring a play to the premiere. Composer Bernd Wilden and his wife, librettist Imke Wilden, could be won over for the play.

The production will be developed and implemented like a regular large-scale production with director, set and costume designer, choreographer and musical director - all three departments - children's and youth choir, ballet academy and orchestra academy - will study their respective tasks together with the professionals before the big final rehearsals on the stage of the Schauspielhaus from around spring/summer 2017. In the joint production, more than 70 children and young people will be able to experience this on stage and in the orchestra pit of the Schauspielhaus. Premiere is in June 2017.

The association Akademien am Theater Kiel e.V. was founded by employees of the Theater Kiel and offers young people free access to personal and artistic development with professional support in the children's & youth choir, the orchestra academy or the youngest section for ballet.

The HSH Nordbank Art Foundation is making this production possible by making the funding available for two years. This is already the second collaboration between Theater Kiel and the HSH Nordbank Arts Foundation. Under the direction of General Director Daniel Karasek, the foundation supported the "Baptism of Fire" theatre festival for young talent in 2008 with all sections of the Kiel Theatre.

musical direction Moritz Caffier | direction Nele Tippelmann

choreography Victoria Lane Green | stage Stefanie Klie | costumes Sabine Keil

Premiere: June 18, 2017 at the Kiel Theatre

Programme 2012-2014: „Landessprachen“ ("national languages")

Programme for the years 2012 to 2014: "Landessprachen." ("National languages")

„Landessprachen“ is the name of the project of the HSH Nordbank Art Foundation. The extensive program for the years 2012 to 2014 was developed by Professor Dr. Dr. h. c. Heinrich Detering, the foundation's art expert curator.

The aim of the project is to show the literary wealth that results from the polyphony of languages and cultures in the "borderland" of Schleswig-Holstein. In four volumes Detering will present the German, Danish and Frisian literatures of the country in a new way. In a vivid, exciting and easily understandable way, he will make them accessible to a broad readership. Some texts are here for the first time in German. '

Programme 2011: "Architectura"

art program of the year 2011: “architectura“

An initiative to promote public debate on architecture and maritime urbanism
Curators: Prof. Dr. Uwe Albrecht, Dr. des Regina Becker

The organizers, the Kiel Institute of Art History and the Arthur Haseloff Society e. V., wanted to intensify the discussion about the redesign of inner-city spaces and let the public participate in Kiel's image change. In October and early November, the architecture that gives shape to the space was the focus of several complementary events. The initiative architectura thus formed a building block for the 100-year anniversary of Hermann Billing's Kiel City Hall, which, from an urban planning point of view, on the one hand marks the transformation of Kiel into a metropolis and, on the other hand, is an outstanding example of early modern architecture.
The discourse on architecture took shape in a public conference, a workshop and an exhibition:

Urban planning and landscape under the sign of the sea
Kiel city hall, Fleethörn 9-17, council hall
October 28, 2011
Well-known architects, urban planners and scientists from Germany and abroad were invited to the public conference. They devoted themselves to topics such as "Building on Water" (Lars Olof Larsson, Wilhelm Berner-Nielsen, Franz-Josef Höing) and "Architectural Theory in its Relevance to Today's Architects" (Jeroen Goudeau, Veronica Biermann, Charlotte Frank).

Public workshop
HSH Nordbank, Martensdamm 6
November 5, 2011
The citizens of Kiel, pupils and students were invited to discover and work out the architectural structures and technical features of the town hall, its immediate surroundings and the further urban planning framework with the participation of renowned Kiel architects and engineers. In four working groups in cooperation with Dieter J. Mehlhorn, Kai Trebes, Inken Detlefsen, Manfred Nagel and Carola Hecht-Nagel, they drew their attention to outstanding cultural values in the past and present and outlined their future scenarios.

Works on architecture from the collections of the Christian-Albrechts-University
Kiel city hall, Fleethörn 9-17, upper city hall rotunda
6 - 28 October 2011, Monday to Friday 6:00 to 18:00
The exhibition offered an encyclopaedia of architectural knowledge and presented for the first time a selection of the collection of works on architecture, which has been preserved in the Kiel University Library since 1665 and has been brought up to the present day. Starting with the development of theory, surveying technology, examples of urban architecture and modern dwelling, the view was guided through the ages in eight chapters. The journey through time also illustrated how contemporary artists incorporate architectural thinking into their work.

Programme 2009/2010: "Gone Places"

"Gone Places"

Prof. Dr. Herwig Guratzsch, Chairman and Managing Director of the Stiftung Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesmuseen Schloss Gottorf, has been appointed Curator for 2009 of the HSH Nordbank Art Foundation. He has developed an ambitious art program for the Foundation to promote contemporary visual art in Schleswig-Holstein. He retired from his offices in the Schleswig-Holstein State Museums on 31 May 2009 and expressly placed the curatorial responsibility for the project in the hands of his successor. Since taking up office in September, Dr. Jürgen Fitschen has taken on the project and, together with Dr. Uta Kuhl, who was responsible for the programme on an interim basis, has developed it further in an ambitious manner.

In April 2009, artists from Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg were invited to participate in a public call for entries, whose work deals with our living environment and thus awakens a new perception of our surroundings. All artistic media were admitted:
Painting - Graphics - Photography - Installation and Sculpture - Film/Video - Land Art and Street Art (presented on film or photography).

Numerous applications were received and presented to the jury in July 2009. The jury consisted of: Dr. Uta Kuhl and Dr. Thomas Gädeke for the SHLM Schloss Gottorf Foundation, Mrs. Vera Rachel for the HSH Nordbank Art Foundation and Dr. Dirk Luckow, Kunsthalle zu Kiel. Ten artists were selected and invited to participate:

  • Birgit Bornemann
  • Claudia Bormann
  • Juliane Duda
  • Antje Feger and Benjamin Stumpf (joint project)
  • Kristin Grothe
  • Jana mosquito
  • Arne Rautenberg
  • Robin Romanski
  • Adriane Steckhan

Since September 2009, the artists have been working on the implementation of the given theme, i.e. with spaces/places/places or landscapes in the country, and have incorporated these into their project idea in very different forms of examination. In addition, a concrete, content-related and obvious reference to the exhibition site itself is created: to the castle, to the historical halls or to the outside grounds of the castle island. The result is a kind of "parcours" that allows the visitor to discover the works at different locations throughout the entire grounds.

Exhibition: 27 June to 31 October 2010 in Gottorf Castle, in the individual sections of the permanent exhibitions of art and culture, Nydam Hall, Gallery of Classical Modernism and in the Baroque Garden.

A catalogue and a map of the course will be published to accompany the exhibition.

Programme 2008: "Baptism of fire - new places. New Plays."

Art programme of the year 2008

For the year 2008, the curator of the Art Foundation, Daniel Karasek, General Director of the Theatre in Kiel, has announced the young talent festival "Baptism of Fire - New Places. New Plays" for the year 2008. It takes place from
May 30 - June 7, 2008:

theaterKiel in collaboration with:

  • the Theatre Academy Hamburg
  • the University of Music Lübeck
  • the Ernst-Barlach-Gymnasium Kiel
  • the Ernst Busch University of Dramatic Arts (Dance Department)
  • the Palucca University of Applied Sciences Dresden
  • the drama school Kiel / the Frese acting studio in Hamburg
  • the University of Fine Arts Hamburg, Stage Design Class, Prof. Raimund Bauer

Baptism of fire is a festival for young theatre talents, the content of which was developed and is supervised by Theater Kiel. Feuertaufe presents nine productions from all branches of Kiel Theatre at different locations within the city.
It is primarily a forum for young theatre makers: The plays are staged by students of directing, the spaces are designed by students of stage design. In addition to members of the ensemble and orchestra of the Kiel Theatre, young up-and-coming artists from Hamburg, Lübeck, Berlin, Dresden and Kiel will be featured. The festival offers space for new forms of artistic expression. Theatre will be presented at locations outside the theatre, confronting the audience with innovative aesthetics. In this way, the baptism of fire carries the theatre into the whole city.

The productions will be developed within a period of two weeks. The character of a workshop production is deliberately emphasized.

The performances are arranged in such a way that it is possible for the audience to visit all productions once within the festival.

La figlia del mago
A children's opera "La figlia del mago" ("The magician's daughter") by Lorenzo Ferrero (born 1951). The play, premiered in Montepulciano in 1981, will be performed in Italian, with a narrator to make the plot understandable.
Location: fish market Halle, Wellingdorf, near Schwentine

Songs, Drones and Refrains of Death
The chamber music piece by the American composer George Crumb (born 1929) can be considered an avant-garde classic: "Songs, Drones and Refrains of Death" for baritone, electronic instruments and percussion based on poems by Federico García Lorca.
Location: Bar, Hotel MARITIM

Contemporary avant-garde is articulated in the cross-disciplinary "Fragments" project, which will juxtapose a contemporary composition with classical instruments with electronic sound experiments from the field of multimedia composition. In addition, two choreographers will work on the transformation from sound to movement.
Location: Bunker on the Hindenburg bank

Thomas Freyer - Separatists
A prefab estate somewhere in Germany. Many houses stand empty, the quarter is to be finally "wound up". But when the demolition machines start rolling, the remaining residents organize themselves in armed resistance.
Location: Palette 6, Bergenring, Kiel-Mettenhof

Feridun Zaimoglu / Günter Senkel - Black Virgins
Monologues by Muslim women. A law student who worships Osama bin Laden and dreams of the Islamic renaissance, another who ran away from home after an affair with her neighbour, another Christian woman converted to Islam who doesn't think much of foreigners.
Place: Discotheque "Weltruf", Lange Reihe, Kiel

Durringer, Xavier - The Excluded
Durringer's play is a kind of manifesto denouncing the untenable situation of all French people of foreign origin. Torn between love and revolt, the characters of the play demand an existence in a more humane and tolerant society.
Location: Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, Institute for Inorganic Chemistry, Otto Hahn Platz.

Harris, Zinnie - Midwinter
The no man's land of a city destroyed by war. Winter. In the sky a red-hot sun. Or is it the moon? A woman drags the body of a horse behind her. There's hardly any food left. An old man comes along, accompanied by a small boy. They're both hungry. The woman trades the horse for the child, her own died. This war has left deep scars in everyone, and already a new one has begun - one that will be bigger than the previous one and that people no longer need.
Location: Old foundry, Grasweg, Kiel

Murat Kurnaz - Five years of my life (world premiere)
In 2001 the 19-year-old Murat Kurnaz, born and raised in Bremen, travels to Pakistan to attend a Koran school. He has no idea what martyrdom awaits him - and that he will not see his family again for four and a half years. Murat Kurnaz has to endure the hell of Guantanamo for more than 1600 days: interrogations, torture, solitary confinement, caging, four and a half years almost without sleep.
Location: Airport Holtenau

Jörg Menke-Peitzmeyer - Stand up if you're a Schalker
Chrissi is a Schalke fan through and through. The Schalke jersey is her second skin and she lives for the next game on Saturday. Only in the stadium does she find security and affection and only in the community does she come alive. A play about the great passion of football, about a life in intoxication from game to game, the downside of which is lack of contact and inner emptiness.
Place: Smokehouse, Kiel-Gaarden

Programme 2007: "Silence - Dirk Reinartz and pupils"

Project 2007: "Silence - Dirk Reinartz and students"

This year's curator of the HSH Nordbank Art Foundation is the well-known picture editor Christiane Gehner. Together with exhibition curator Dr. Matthias Harder, Gehner has realized a photography project entitled "Silence - Dirk Reinartz and Students". The exhibition is based on the concept that the passionate photographer and committed university lecturer Reinartz developed shortly before his death in 2004.

Reinartz was professor of photography at the Kiel Muthesius Art Academy. In addition to previously unpublished New York photographs from the 1970s and images of Reinartz's most important groups of works, the exhibition will also feature diploma theses and current projects by his students. A picture comparison of teacher and student can be seen.

Although Dirk Reinartz was only briefly granted the opportunity to teach photography at the Muthesius Art Academy, he was able to give his students decisive impulses for professionalization. Many of these independent photographic positions were created in northern Germany, so to speak on his own doorstep - similar to how Reinartz himself worked. These quiet pictures seem to stop time and at the same time describe open social spaces.

The title "Silence" characterizes the slow and deliberate photographic approach of Dirk Reinartz and his students to their immediate surroundings as well as to the quiet subjects, which often reveal their inner tension only at second glance. "We are delighted that Reinartz's project can be realized in the year in which he would have turned 60. The fact that we have been able to win over two such committed, top-class curators for this project, who knew him well and are implementing the project in his spirit, is a particular stroke of luck for us," said Vera Rachel, Management Board member of the HSH Nordbank Art Foundation, at the press briefing to introduce the curators in Kiel.

Gehner began her career in the picture editorship of the SPIEGEL magazine in Hamburg. After stations at GEO and Stern she became head of the picture editorial department at Spiegel. She moved to the magazine MERIAN as deputy editor-in-chief and photo director and returned to the Spiegel as a photo editor in 1996. Gehner is chairman of the art association "Palais für aktuelle Kunst" in Glücksstadt, near which she also lives.

Harder is curator of the Helmut Newton Foundation Berlin and teaches the history of photography at the Free University of Berlin. Until 2004, the photo historian with a doctorate in photography was director of the Palais für aktuelle Kunst Glücksstadt. The exhibition was on view at the Palais für aktuelle Kunst Glücksstadt from March 18 to April 29, 2007. It will then be shown at the Kunsthalle zu Kiel (May 5 to June 6, 2007), the VHS Fotogalerie Stuttgart (June 27 to August 3, 2007), Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin (August to September 2007), Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg (September to December 2007) and Stadtmuseum Buxtehude, Reinartz's home town (spring 2008).

To accompany the exhibition, a comprehensive publication will be published by Steidl Verlag, edited by Christiane Gehner and Matthias Harder, with texts by Hubertus von Amelunxen, Ulf Erdmann Ziegler and the editors, as well as an edition with 2 original prints by Dirk Reinartz and 12 signed prints by the exhibiting photographers in an edition of 25 copies.

Programme 2006: "What is important for you and society" a poster campaign in Kiel

Project 2006: "What is important for you and society" - A poster campaign in Kiel

The curator of the HSH Nordbank Art Foundation of the Year 2006 was Silke Juchter, Professor of Communication Design at the Muthesius Academy of Art in Kiel. Under the title: "Important - an art project" students from Professor Juchter's class explored the question "What is important in life, for myself, for the people close to me and for society as a whole". From their answers, the young designers developed messages which were implemented for the medium "large-format poster". The result is 22 different poster motifs that deal with topics such as beauty mania, status symbols, personal initiative, role models and self-perception. This project is intended to launch the "Important Dialogue" and thus stimulate and renew the discussion about values.

"With the approach 'Art that makes itself useful', this is the first time that a design project has been sponsored by the Art Foundation," said Hans Berger, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the HSH Nordbank Art Foundation. The aim was to illustrate the development of art in the light of changes in the media. The art was visible to everyone in the cityscape and on the internet. In this way, a dialogue was stimulated among the population without the person addressed having to visit an exhibition venue.

After studying communication design at the University of Art and Design in Bremen, Silke Juchter worked as an art director for various design and advertising agencies, including Springer & Jacoby in Hamburg. In June 1992 she got the call to the Muthesius art college in Kiel. The art academy, which was newly founded in 2005, has already achieved top positions in the creative courses of study with its design courses in the latest FOCUS ranking. This is due in part to the numerous awards won by the design students at national and international competitions such as the Lucky Strike competition, the Red Dot Award and the Typedirectors Club competition in New York.

From 11 July to 29 July 2006, around 100 large-format and city light posters were on display in Kiel's urban area, revolving around the question "What is important? In addition, there were further activities, such as take-a-card postcards, buttons and a website with weblog ( ). This electronic dialogue also enables young people who are rather reluctant to visit a museum to deal with the topic.

For four weeks starting on July 19, 2006, a large poster sculpture park with all the motifs was set up at "Kleiner Kiel", which was celebrated with a cheerful opening on July 21, 2006. Professors, students, invited guests and visitors of the exhibition "Einblick-Ausblick" celebrated in the Ratsdienergarten, hosted by the team of HSH N Gastro + Event GmbH, until late at night.

Programme 2005: A poem by Arne Rautenberg as a film

Project 2005: A poem by Arne Rautenberg as film

Lars Büchel und Arne Rautenberg
Lars Büchel and Arne Rautenberg

The curator for the year 2005 was the well-known German film director Lars Büchel. Under the motto "Filmic realisation of contemporary poetry - A poem in four films", four 35mm films were made in 2005, which can be shown in any cinema, staged by four up-and-coming directors.

"It is particularly difficult for young directors at the beginning of their careers to obtain the necessary funds for their films," said Vera Rachel, member of the Management Board of the HSH Nordbank Arts Foundation. "This is precisely where the project comes in, and we are delighted that Lars Büchel, a renowned director and producer, has agreed to participate immediately." Büchel became known, among other things, through the film "Peas at half past five".

Judith Kaufmann und Operator am Set
Judith Kaufman

The poem "Nichts weiter als" by the Kiel poet Arne Rautenberg was chosen as the basis. The up-and-coming directors Frederike Jehn, Sebastian Stern as well as Lale Nalpantoglu and Jens Schillmöller, working together, have translated the poem into film. Lars Büchel selected the up-and-coming directors and supported them during the shooting.

Fritzi Haberlandt is laughing
Fritzi Haberlandt

In addition to these three short films, Büchel staged the poem with Fritzi Haberlandt, who also played the female lead in "Erbsen auf halb 6". The producer of the four films is the film production element e, which is run by Lars Büchel together with Bernd T. Hoefflin.

The film premiered on 16 February 2006 at the Berlinale, the 56th International Film Festival in Berlin, in the Perspektive Deutsches Kino section. This section presents films that stand out for their special signature, unusual style and style of making, or even trendsetting aesthetics.

Programme 2004: Trio DeVienne

Program year 2004

For the program year 2004, Sabine Meyer, world-famous clarinettist and professor at the University of Music Lübeck, together with her husband, the musician and Professor Reiner Wehle, as curator, had selected a young instrumental ensemble, the "Trio DeVienne", for support. In a "Chamber Music Project for Schleswig-Holstein", the ensemble was to convey to a young audience in particular that a classical concert can be both exciting and entertaining.

The title "From MozArt to PopArt" describes the musical spectrum of the "Trio DeVienne". Through humorous moderation, the three young musicians combine different genres from Mozart to contemporary music and their own arrangements of light music, making the concerts a special experience.

Under the motto that joy and fun in music can be conveyed in a classical concert, the project was aimed at schoolchildren of different age groups in the country: Trio DeVienne wants to arouse the interest of schoolchildren in different types of music and artistic experimentation. To this end, school workshops were offered to all comprehensive schools and grammar schools in the country as part of the arts programme.

The music CD, which documents the project and at the same time presents the stylistic spectrum of Trio DeVienne, is available in stores (on order), at or at

Programme 2002/2003: "NORD ART: Schleswig-Holstein in the 20th century"

Programme for the years 2002-2003

The programme for the years 2002-2003 was conceived by Dr. Uwe Haupenthal, museum director and exhibition curator of the Museum Association of North Frisia. The exhibition entitled "NORD-KUNST: Schleswig-Holstein in the 20th century" was shown in Husum, in the Danish town of Tondern and in Lübeck. On display were 300 exhibits - a cross-section of the entire artistic work in the northernmost federal state over the past hundred years from the fields of painting, sculpture, installation, graphic art and photography.

In the past, Professor Peter Nagel (art expedition to Italy), Dr. Marina von Assel (LAND:ART), Professor Dr. Heinz Spielmann (sculpture, arts and crafts, painting workshops), Dr. Hans Wißkirchen (literature programme) and Juliane Rößler (TanzMontage) were among the curators of the art foundation.

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