Social responsibility: the bank as a corporate citizen

Hamburg Commercial Bank is committed to social causes, sport, and culture

Hamburg is our home. As a company rooted in northern Germany, cosmopolitanism and an international perspective are part of our self-image. This applies not only to our business activities in the international financing of real estate projects, shipping commitments, or infrastructure projects. It also applies to the areas where we are committed to assuming social responsibility with firm conviction: We take our corporate social responsibility very seriously.

Social causes, sport, and culture are particularly close to our hearts. The difficult time of the coronavirus pandemic, in particular, teaches us that we must think beyond our own cosmos.

Culture and sport—these are first and foremost expressions of understanding across all differences and the flagships of an open society. They are particularly close to our hearts. In line with our corporate social responsibility guidelines, we would like to make a contribution here in our region with our sponsoring. We have been supporting the following projects and organizations for many years or decades—this is also proof of our CSR in action and our positive and loyal attitude as a partner, sponsor, and supporter.

Sponsoring: This is where Hamburg Commercial Bank gets involved

Social commitment of Hamburg Commercial Bank: From people for people

The Bank’s employees and HCOB itself have always been committed to social causes. This commitment has increased in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Since the outbreak of the crisis, the Bank has already twice launched a comprehensive package of donations for a number of non-profit organizations in the north. A total of 23 clubs, societies, and foundations from Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, for example, each received between EUR 40,000 and EUR 100,000 as part of the two donation campaigns to support their valuable work. The sponsorships have different focuses and are committed to helping the needy elderly, children in need or from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, victims of domestic violence, the homeless, and people with disabilities and their families.

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg (Elbe Philharmonic Hall)

The cultural landmark of the Hanseatic city

With the Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg not only has a spectacular new architectural landmark but also one of the best concert halls in the world. The program presents the best the international music scene has to offer, ranging from classical and jazz to world music and pop.

At the same time, the city’s top-ranking orchestras, such as the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra, the Philharmonic State Orchestra, and the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra, create their own concert series.

Hamburg Commercial Bank has already been supporting the Elbphilharmonie as a "Classic Sponsor" since its opening in 2016.

We say thank you!

Now, on October 21 and 22, the Elbphilharmonie opens its doors to the LinkedIn followers of Hamburg Commercial Bank and invites you to an exclusive look behind the scenes. In addition to a breathtaking view of the city, you can expect a diverse program: music in the Great Hall, cultural highlights in the foyers and on the Plaza, technology shows in the Small Hall, exciting short tours behind the scenes and much more.

Follow us on LinkedIn and simply register for the event, but don't delay, because seats are limited - first come, first serve." So hurry and secure your ticket for October 21 or 22 at 11:45 a.m. and experience the Elbphilharmonie from a completely new perspective.

HCOB Art Foundation for Schleswig-Holstein

Start-up Aid for Talented Young Artists

Icon Kunststiftung

The Hamburg Commercial Bank promotes contemporary fine arts and culture in Schleswig-Holstein through its Art Foundation, which was established in 1992 by the former LB Kiel. The foundation allows a curator to develop and implement an art program that corresponds to the foundation’s main objective,

The HCOB Art Foundation above all, supports young, talented artists. Getting started in this profession, which is associated with a great deal of insecurity, requires a lot of courage and a strong, helping hand. We are happy to extend one.

Board of trustees:

Ulrik Lackschewitz, Member of the Board of HCOB, Hamburg

Karin Prien, Minister for Education, Science and Culture of the State of Schleswig-Holstein

Dr. Bernd Brandes-Druba, Managing Director of Sparkassenstiftung Schleswig-Holstein (Kiel) and Foundation Advisor at the Sparkassen- und Giroverband for Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel

Dr. Ulrich Junghölter, Kiel

Dagmar Linden M.A., Head of Museum Certification Schleswig-Holstein/Hamburg, Rendsburg

Board of Directors:

Angela Giacomin

Nicole Neumann

Business office:

Friederike Rummer, Kiel

Programme 2023: “WIR! Worlds in Resonance”

The abbreviation stands for “Worlds in Resonance”. In the project, living worlds meet that would otherwise hardly find each other. This is possible because the two artists Chili Seitz and Ute Diez from Kiel are developing a work of art together with a group of people with disabilities . An interactive and barrier-free installation is planned, which only becomes complete when the viewers become active. The installation is to consist of different parts in different places. The objects are connected to each other, they react to each other, they enable resonance. A vernissage in November 2023 is planned as the conclusion of the project.

Since 2014, the visual artists Seitz and Diez have been developing artistic strategies as "büro für nicht lineares denken" (“office for non-linear thinking”) that seek references to society and the everyday. Laura Schwörer, education specialist at the Institute for Inclusive Education in Kiel and also an artist, collaborates in the workshops. The workshops will be moderated by Silke Adam, specialist for “Augmentative and Alternative Communication” and “Easy Language”. All other participants are employees of the Stiftung Drachensee in Kiel with different backgrounds. Stiftung Drachensee is an institution that offers services for people with disabilities in the areas of work, education, living and leisure.

The project “WIR!” is supported by the HCOB Art Foundation for Schleswig-Holstein with almost 45,000 euros. The foundation has been supporting various art projects in Schleswig-Holstein for more than 30 years. “We are very impressed by the project's inclusive and integrative approach,” said Ulrik Lackschewitz, Chief Risk Officer and Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Hamburg Commercial Bank. “`WIR!` makes an important contribution to inclusive work and explores new dimensions. We are pleased that our foundation can support this.”

The project is curated and developed by Gesa Kobs, the managing director of the Institute for Inclusive Education at Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel and IIB2 gGmbH.

Programme 2021: "sinn.vor.ort."

Programme 2019: "Studio 15 | 25"

Studio 15 │25

Art for and with us.

Under the title "Studio 15 │25" Dr. Michael Fuhr curated an art program for the art foundation for the year 2019.

It was a nationally unique programme that brought together artists with teenagers and young adults between 15 and 25 years of age.

Dr. Michael Fuhr, director of the Museumsberg Flensburg, has developed an innovative, attractive concept for the art foundation, which distinguishes both the participating artists and the young participants in a unique way. In the course of 2019, 10 workshops were held by artists for young people. The results of these workshops were exhibited until the end of the year. The museum provided two rooms in the Hans-Christiansen-Haus throughout the project. Between the workshops, a supporting programme in the exhibition rooms offered opportunities for exchange with a broad public.

In the workshops, teenagers, trainees, students and young adults could experience authentic originals in the museum, they could meet artists and work together with them. The participants were given the chance to become artistically active themselves and find their own personal approach to art. Professional art educators organized and accompanied the workshops and the events of the supporting program.

The workshops produced works of art or multimedia documentations. Changing presentations showed the works of the participants or the documentation of their actions. Thus a constantly changing exhibition was created with the active participation of the project participants and visitors. The rooms remained accessible to the general public the whole time.

It is the first project of the Art Foundation that deliberately aimed at introducing young people between the ages of 15 and 25 to the museum.

Programme 2017-2018: "How real is the future? - Digitisation influences generations".

The forthcoming programme of the Art Foundation is concerned with new perceptions of reality and thus illuminates a new aspect of contemporary culture.

Eduard Thomas, Director of the Media Dome of the University of Applied Sciences, Kiel, was able to convince the Board of Trustees of the Kunststiftung with his project proposal to use the funding for 2018 to research the question "How real is the future? The aim is to create a film that presents the topic from the perspective of the students of the Department of Cultural and Scientific Communication to a large non-scientific audience. The short film will be presented in the Mediendom of the Kiel University of Applied Sciences and will be widely distributed in national and international networks.

The project will start in the coming winter semester with a research phase in which the extensive facets of the "digital revolution" will be made accessible. How do digital developments change global social processes and almost all areas of life, e.g. social interaction and health, production processes and global sales structures? How is human culture influenced and how real is the future? It is obvious to pursue these questions on the basis of the ideas and life goals of young people who have turned to digital media in their own life planning. Starting from the roots of the digital world with its first visions and mistakes, the content of the book will cover foreseeable developments, opportunities and also threats that unfold in advance.

The aim is to produce a computer animation film as a 360-degree dome production with 3D sound as well as a version for interactively usable virtual reality glasses. In the conception, not only contemporary but also innovative approaches are to be developed in order to do justice to the future-oriented orientation of the topic in the implementation.

The Mediendom of the FH Kiel (german only) has extensive production experience and has received internationally renowned awards. "The implementation of the results in audio-visual media allows the audience to experience the scientific work at first hand and makes it accessible via networks worldwide," says Torsten Temp, Chairman of the Foundation's Board of Trustees. It is the first project since the foundation was founded that promotes "virtual reality" and is curated by a professor for cultural and scientific communication.

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