The aim of the Bank’s funding strategy is to ensure an adequate liquidity and capital structure which is compliant with regulatory and business strategy requirements, and which fulfils its target key liquidity and funding metrics.

The bank has a stable institutional investor base across Europe and in particular also in its home market Germany which it is continuously expanding and diversifying due to the regular issuance of capital market instruments in benchmark format.

Financing instruments

For long-term funding we offer national and international investors senior unsecured notes and mortgage and ship Pfandbriefe in bearer form as well as registered notes (Namensschuldverschreibungen). The bank issues benchmark transactions and private placements under its Debt Issuance Programme in line with market conditions.

Hamburg Commercial Bank’s EUR 15 billion Debt Issuance Programme is set up in accordance with the EU Prospective Regulation allowing for issuances of senior unsecured notes, subordinated notes as well as Pfandbriefe.

For short-term funding Hamburg Commercial Bank offers Commercial Papers with a maturity of up to 364 days to institutional investors under its EUR 1.5 billion STEP compliant Euro-Commercial Paper Programme.


Hamburg Commercial Bank and its predecessor institutions have placed various Tier 1 (core capital) issues with international investors to diversify the capital base.

Information about Tier 1 issues (prospectuses and term sheets)

Information about Consent Solicitation targeting T2 notes

Consent Solicitation Result Announcement

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Reports according to §28 PfandBG

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