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There are many good reasons to start your career at Hamburg Commercial Bank

The growing shortage of skilled workers means that university and high school graduates increasingly have a wide range of choices when deciding on their internship, training, trainee placement or job. In order to stay one step ahead in the competition among employers and to attract the best talents, Hamburg Commercial Bank takes intensive care of all the young people who come to us.

We are looking for proactive and pragmatic employees who enjoy challenges and want to actively shape the future of our bank. We are looking for strong team players who see change primarily as an opportunity – people who are willing to get down to work and energetically live our claim of being strong partners for entrepreneurs. We are looking for colleagues who are authentic and reliable, because our teams work openly and fairly. Our clients also expect a genuine and honest dialog, which is only possible with the right mix of empathy and assertiveness.

We offer you not only a warm welcome, but above all support, many exciting and challenging tasks, the chance to help shape the company and a further training program tailored to your personal needs. We want to get the best out of you and look forward to a lasting cooperation.

The trainee program of Hamburg Commercial Bank

Are you about to complete your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, have already successfully completed it and now want to start your professional life? At our branches in Hamburg or Kiel, we are offering programs in the following key areas:

  • Sales in the areas of Real Estate, Corporates, Energy, Project Finance And Shipping
  • Compliance
  • Finance
  • Bank Steering
  • Business Operations
  • Risk Control
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Special Credit Management
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • IT / Digital
  • Internal Audit
  • Diversified Lending

We offer you:

  • An 18-month specialist program with demanding practical training
  • Detailed insights into various business divisions and internships in interface areas
  • Training in specialist, project and process-related topics is based on an individually designed deployment plan
  • Learning on the job: Independent work with independent tasks in an agile and dynamic environment
  • Individual supervision and support by a mentor
  • Further training and support of personal and professional development in the form of individual and targeted seminars
  • Regular feedback and reflection meetings with the mentor and HR experts
  • Networking opportunities: Boarding Week, Trainee Board, regular series of lectures and meetings with the Management Board and other stakeholders of the bank
  • Early insight into further development and career opportunities after the end of the program
  • Permanent employment after the successful completion of the trainee program

What you offer:

  • A successfully completed Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, for example in the fields of economics, finance & accounting/banking, mathematics, computer science or law with additional qualifications in economics
  • A completed bank apprenticeship would be desirable or, alternatively, initial practical experience in the financial sector
  • High self-motivation and curiosity for new things as well as pronounced flexibility plus a high level of team and cooperation skills
  • Openness for changing tasks and an interest in analytical and strategic issues
  • You enjoy thinking outside the box and take a creative approach to the development of solutions
  • Strong implementation and result orientation as well as sense of responsibility
  • High achievement motivation and great commitment
  • Very good German, good to very good English

Our offer for school graduates: the dual study program

Are you about to leave school and take the leap into the professional world? . With the we offer an ideal combination of practical experience and theoretical phases at university. With the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Business Administration and the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Business Informatics.

The dual study program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Business Informatics is offered in cooperation with the Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA), a state-recognized private university.

Students can expect a combination of a practice-oriented business administration course with simultaneous systematic in-service training. At the university, the students acquire the relevant specialist knowledge in the individual sub-areas of business administration. For the rest of the time, they have the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained at the university in various departments during their work placements at Hamburg Commercial Bank. Young bankers focus on the fields of "Banking and Financial Markets", "Finance", "Sales.Retail.Digital" and "Sustainable Leadership" - all central topics for a good start and a successful career in the changing banking industry.

In the dual study program, it normally takes three years to complete the Bachelor’s degree.

Admission requirement for the dual study programme is an Abitur with good grades in mathematics, German and English (10 points in the average of two reports from the upper school or 9 points for courses with an increased requirement level). If the admission requirements are not met, it is possible to take part in an admission examination.

Further information about the HSBA and details of the admission requirements can be found here: www.hsba.de.

When does the dual study program begin?

Overall, we hold job interviews all year round and continue to hire until all places are filled. Training begins on 1 of October each year.

What must my application include?

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copies of the last two school reports
  • Other certificates (internships, PC training, etc.)

When do I have to apply?

We start hiring about a year in advance.

How and where do I apply?

Current vacancies can be found here .

What should I bring along as an applicant?

We work closely and trustingly with our clients. In our opinion, special skills are required for this consulting activity:

  • High self-motivation and curiosity for new things as well as pronounced flexibility plus a high level of team and cooperation skills
  • Openness for changing tasks and an interest in analytical and strategic issues
  • You enjoy thinking outside the box and take a creative approach to the development of solutions
  • Strong implementation and result orientation as well as sense of responsibility
  • High achievement motivation and great commitment
  • Very good German, good to very good English

If you have all these skills, then you are perfect match for us. We support you in your further development through personal development seminars, regular development meetings and project work.

In addition to your personal skills, you will also need to develop professional skills to enable you to work successfully in our bank. We therefore expect you to have a keen interest in economics and finance.

What do we offer?

Our goal is to train comprehensively qualified and motivated junior staff. You will be involved from the very beginning, gain valuable experience, learn to work independently and to take on responsibility quickly. This is what you can expect in the dual study program at Hamburg Commercial Bank:

  • We offer you qualified and varied training and the opportunity to actively help shape the course of your training and to be employed in almost all areas of the company.
  • We provide further training and support your personal and professional development.
  • You benefit from networking opportunities with other young professionals and meetings with the Management Board, as well as the chance to become involved in (overall bank) projects.
  • Possibility of a semester abroad as part of your studies with the support of the bank through pro-rata release from work.
  • We offer a high degree of financial independence through a monthly salary according to bank rates.
    • 1. Training year EUR 1,220 gross
    • 2. and 3. Training year EUR 1,300 gross
  • In addition, the bank pays a large share of the tuition fees and releases you from work to enable you to write your Bachelor’s thesis.
  • Dual students also have full holiday with us from day one: 30 days a year plus time off on 24.12./31.12.
  • Besides that, the bank pays the full cost of the Germany ticket.
  • The bank offers you very good prospects of a permanent position. If your overall results are good or very good, you will be offered an open-ended employment contract.
  • In addition to professional prospects and career opportunities, the bank will support you after your studies with a part-time Master’s degree or a specialist qualification measure (Education@Work).

What else can I look forward to?

Besides the practical assignments in various departments, we offer a great deal more:

  • onboarding week and networking events for a good start at the Bank
  • Specialist seminars and seminars on personal development
  • A central location in downtown Hamburg
  • a food allowance plus fruit, water/coffee/tea
  • Voluntary project work with your fellow students, for example in the form of participation in trade fairs and business speed dating or the assumption of a sponsorship for new dual students.

How Hamburg Commercial Bank supports you with internships or university papers

Our offer for voluntary and compulsory internships as well as final theses

The best theory alone does not guarantee professional success. This is precisely why it is so important for students to gain a wide range of practical experience as early as possible. We at Hamburg Commercial Bank will support you in this. Our aim is to offer a challenging training environment as well as prospects, opportunities and exciting tasks. We look forward to welcoming interested and motivated students who want to take a look inside the bank, but who also want to play an active role in shaping it with fresh ideas.

Hamburg Commercial Bank offers qualified and motivated students the opportunity to supplement their studies with practical experience in a financial institution. In a three- to six-month internship or as part of the preparation of a thesis, you will gain insights into the diverse work areas and projects of our bank, make contacts and experience the day-to-day work at first hand.

What requirements do I have to meet?

Regardless of whether you are completing an internship with us or writing a thesis - the following requirements are important for a successful collaboration:

  • You have completed your undergraduate studies or are at least in the fourth semester of your business-related bachelor's or master's degree.
  • You have very good digital skills, especially MS Office.
  • You bring with you a good knowledge of English.

You will develop the topic of your thesis in consultation with our experts. It should be based on our company's key areas of focus.

How and where do I apply?

Please apply via our job exchange . There you will find current vacancies and, if applicable, further information about your application.

Experience reports

Experience report Hannah (dual student year 2022)

Portrait Hannah Schimmelpfeng

My name is Hannah and I have been studying "Business Administration" at HSBA in cooperation with Hamburg Commercial Bank since October 2022.

The step from school into professional life or, as in this case, into a dual study program, has been one of the greatest and most exciting moments so far from my point of view. Of course, you have a lot of questions, especially at this time. At least that's how I felt, because I didn't have much previous knowledge of banking and finance and was excited and full of anticipation in the weeks before the start. All new students are assigned a duali from the older years as a mentor, who is then available to help and advise with any questions. At a first get-to-know-you afternoon in the bank about a month before the actual start on 1 October, you have the opportunity to get to know your fellow students in a very warm and pleasant atmosphere and to gather your first impressions of the bank. This afternoon is organised and led by the current dual students.

All dual students spend the first three months at the bank to get to know their colleagues and the bank better. At the beginning, my 4 fellow students and I had an onboarding week together with around 15 trainees. We were warmly welcomed and, after the first rounds of getting to know each other, we were introduced step by step to the bank's technology. In the days that followed, we were given various short presentations of individual departments of the bank and took part in an Excel training course that prepared us for the work to come in our future departments. This crash course was led by a dual student and enabled us to quickly familiarise ourselves with the programme even without any prior knowledge. Through joint lunch breaks and after-work events, a sense of community and belonging developed already in the first days, which helped us to feel comfortable and arrived at the bank.

The second week of onboarding then focused entirely on us new dual students and began with a day with our responsible training managers, who gave us the opportunity to clarify any questions we still had. We also received information about our first training station. A credit seminar during the week gave us a first insight into the world of banking even without specific prior knowledge and prepared us optimally for our upcoming departments. This also prepared us for our first "real" days at the bank. As part of the "shadowing", each of us had the opportunity to accompany the daily work of one of the bank's employees for two days.

After these two weeks of onboarding at Hamburg Commercial Bank, we were warmly welcomed and well prepared for our first practical assignments in our respective departments.

Experience report Emily (dual student year 2021)

Portrait Emily Eickerling

My name is Emily and I started my dual study program at Hamburg Commercial Bank in October 2021, studying Business Administration at the HSBA.

The dual study program offers me an excellent opportunity to combine theoretical knowledge at university with practical experience at HCOB. Every three months, we as dualis switch between the university and the company and can apply the knowledge we have learned directly in practice.

During each practical phase at the company, we get the opportunity to work in at least two different departments and become part of the respective teams. Our wishes and interests are taken into account and we have the opportunity to get to know many departments, working methods and processes during the three-year training. This gives us a comprehensive insight into the bank.

I have already been able to build up a large network of people from different areas of the bank and have a contact person at all times. I received a very friendly and nice welcome in all departments and quickly felt like an integral part of the team. We have the opportunity to look over the shoulders of the employees and trainers and are challenged with small tasks. After a few weeks, we are already allowed to take on independent tasks and participate in exciting decision-making meetings.

During the assignments, I had the opportunity to take part in some client meetings, I was present at a real estate appraisal in Berlin, I visited the largest solar trade fair in Europe in Munich and I participated in a very large internal project of the bank's marketing department. HCOB offers many opportunities and support within the dual study programme, a huge network and the chance to find out which departments you particularly like.

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