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It is not only our clients – above all the many family-run medium-sized businesses – who trade in turbulent markets worldwide. Hardly any other sector is currently as volatile as the financial industry. As a young bank with a long history, we are also in the midst of an exciting and challenging change process. In order to make the best possible use of this change for our purposes, we need employees with first-rate professional training who are able to approach people and at the same time are strong advisors both internally and externally. As a comparatively small but highly specialized bank, what distinguishes us from others is the people who work for us: Experts in their field, self-motivated, team-oriented and equipped with the necessary entrepreneurial spirit, which also makes our clientele so unique.

It is the commitment of our employees that makes Hamburg Commercial Bank’s corporate success possible. This is why we offer much more than “just a job”. Rather, in addition to interesting tasks and projects, we offer you a comprehensive overall package with one goal in mind: You should feel supported and valued, identify with your employer and thus always be able to give your best.

Personnel development: Fit for the future

It used to be a case of “knowledge is power”. This knowledge was enough to ensure a long and successful professional life. Today, all that has changed completely: Knowledge is becoming obsolete at an ever faster rate. No one should rely on the know-how acquired in the past for the long term. (Professional) life-long earning has become a core virtue for every company and its employees, because markets and technologies are developing at an ever faster pace – not least in the financial sector, as a glance at the rise of FinTechs or block chain technology alone shows. Hamburg Commercial Bank sees all these changes as an opportunity – and therefore does a lot to keep the qualifications and motivation of its employees at a high level. Without first-class and committed employees, no bank can survive in the long term in an increasingly challenging competitive environment. This is precisely why we support your personal development, both in your own and in our common interest, and offer a wide range of career opportunities so that you can make an optimum contribution and continue to develop, both now and in the future.

At Hamburg Commercial Bank you can rely on the following for your professional advancement:

  • Extremely exciting tasks with a direct impact on the success of your department
  • Individual development opportunities
  • Cross-functional career prospects
  • Extensive internal and external seminar offer
  • Target group programs
  • Internships in other areas of the bank
  • Comprehensive talent management
  • Promotion of equal opportunities

Work-life integration: How to achieve peaceful coexistence

According to many surveys, those who successfully master the increasingly challenging balancing act between work and family life are particularly happy today. Anyone who regularly commutes by car on congested inner-city streets between the day care center, school and office knows a thing or two about it. As a modern employer, Hamburg Commercial Bank wants to help its employees with their work-life balance as much as possible. This applies in particular to mothers and fathers, but also to all those who wish to continue their training in addition to their job.

In this way, Hamburg Commercial Bank supports more flexible and individual working:

In terms of location

  • The option to work from home with full access to the company network even from home
  • Virtual collaboration by means of telephone and video conferences
  • A laptop and company mobile phone

In terms of time

  • Flexible working time arrangements
  • Flexitime and long-term working time accounts
  • Leave over and above the standard tariff rate
  • Unpaid leave

In terms of family

  • Extensive counseling for expectant parents
  • Arrangement of child care and emergency kindergarten services
    (including a subsidy from the employer)
  • Support with the care of relatives

Health management: You are very important to us

Health is without a doubt the most important thing a person can have. And it is constantly being put to the test, by an increasingly hectic daily routine. An innovative employer like Hamburg Commercial Bank therefore has to do its part to ensure that its employees feel safe and happy at work. What’s more, we aim to maintain the performance of our employees and improve their health through comprehensive health management and thus make a decisive contribution to the improved well-being of our workforce.

We offer you:

  • a comprehensive range of stress management or resilience workshops,
  • regular recreational activities,
  • a management system for occupational safety and accident prevention,
  • certified industrial medicine, occupational safety and social counseling services,
  • occupational integration management,
  • work situation analyses,
  • medical checkups and ergonomics training, and
  • individual consulting services for employees and managers.

Workplace and commuting: Safe and relaxed

We make no compromises when it comes to setting up the workplaces – after all, our employees spend a large part of their time there. Modern office workplaces and a modern IT environment are a matter of course for us.

What you can expect from us:


  • Modern hardware and software
  • Ergonomic office equipment
  • Laptop
  • Company mobile phone


  • Reduced-price tickets for local public transport
  • Subsidized parking
  • Company car regulation for account managers
  • Company vehicle pool
  • Bicycle parking spaces

Leadership: We promote the best in you

Our employees are the backbone of our bank, which is why we promote their talents in the best possible way. Our managers encourage and motivate their employees, provide regular feedback on their performance and support them in their personal and professional development. The basis for this is our feedback culture.

In concrete terms, this means:

  • regular assessment and development meetings for all employees,
  • a modern and comprehensive performance management and target agreement system for many employees, and
  • targeted management development.

Communication: Active listening, exchange of views, and learning from each other

We want to create great things together and motivate each other to achieve top performance. The participation of each individual makes a significant contribution to the success of all. Those who achieve a lot together in their daily work usually achieve this through regular exchange, also and especially at joint employee events.

This means:

  • regular division and departmental meetings,
  • regular information and news from the Management Board via the intranet,
  • direct exchange formats with the Management Board members and other stakeholders of the bank,
  • helpful advice,
  • extensive internet with a lot of current and helpful information, interviews, tips and tricks and much more,
  • employee magazine.

Social responsibility: Thinking outside the box

The radius of action of companies is no longer limited to their own premises. An increasingly critical public is assessing and questioning entrepreneurial activity – an exclusive focus on profit targets is a thing of the past. The common good – be it environmental or social aspects – is playing an increasingly important role. This also applies to choosing one’s own employer: Existing and prospective employees are quite rightly interested in the big picture and thus in the “purpose” of a company or a bank – and this has long since ceased to apply exclusively to the young Generation Z. We are happy to face up to these questions and assume social responsibility far beyond the business activities of Hamburg Commercial Bank. As a bank, for example, we not only finance renewable energies on a large scale, but are also involved in various sporting, cultural or social projects.


    • Elbphilharmonie
    • Hamburg Commercial Bank Run
    • Art Foundation
    • Support of the children’s hospice “Sternenbrücke”

Excellent quality: What others say about us

Long-term corporate success can only be achieved in a team of motivated, convinced and committed employees. Their performance ensures consistently above-average quality. In order to maintain and enhance this quality, Hamburg Commercial Bank is committed to the well-being of its staff in a variety of ways. This commitment is not only praised by our employees – it has also been honored and certified by independent juries in various studies.

Awarded the certificate of the Hertie “workandfamily” audit

With the “workandfamily audit” (audit berufundfamilie), Hamburg Commercial Bank is one of a group of certified companies, institutions and universities in Germany that are exemplary in their efforts to reconcile work and family life.
We will continue to maintain the high level of our family-friendly personnel policy in future in order to make it easier for our employees to balance work and family life.
In August 2007, the Bank was awarded the “family-friendly company” (familienfreundliches Unternehmen) seal of the non-profit Hertie foundation for the first time.

In this regard, we offer the following:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Various part-time models
  • Part-time work even at higher management levels
  • Options to work from home
  • Family-conscious appointment, project and travel planning
  • Extensive provision of notebooks and iPhones/iPads
  • Corporate health management and comprehensive social counseling
  • Regular lectures on family-related topics in the bank
  • Special management training courses on the topic of compatibility of work and family life.
  • Intranet with a wealth of handy information, for example on maternity and parental leave
  • Biannual information events for expectant parents
  • Annual events for and weekly info mail to parents on parental leave
  • Advice on and arrangement of child care by external service providers
  • Free emergency child care
  • Personal advice from the bank’s Equal Opportunities Officer
  • Various subsidized holiday programs offered by external providers
  • Advice on and support with the care of relatives
  • etc.

Career-enhancing & fair trainee program

The trendence Institute GmbH has been awarding Hamburg Commercial Bank since 2016 for its “fair & career-enhancing” trainee program.
In close cooperation with the Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich, the Süddeutsche Zeitung and other cooperation partners from the private sector, the trendence Institute GmbH has been examining the content and quality of the trainee programs offered by companies on the basis of various scientific criteria since 2011. The award is given to companies that are committed to high-quality programs and design them accordingly.

Hamburg Commercial Bank has actively sought this quality label and meets the requirements:

  • Trainee programs are an integral part of our company’s talent and succession management and are geared towards long-term cooperation in an expert or management function.
  • Trainees take on responsible tasks with us from the outset and are supported by experienced managers.
  • Trainees pass through several divisions during our programs, complete learning measures (such as technical and behavioral training) and are an active part of our network.
  • Remuneration and duration are in a reasonable relationship to the learning content and development goals of our trainee programs.
  • We ensure the quality of our trainee programs through internal and external evaluation measures.

Further information can be found at .

Hamburg Commercial Bank is a “Fair Company”

Hamburg Commercial Bank supports the “Fair Company” initiative. With this initiative, companies reliably commit themselves to recognized quality standards and verifiable rules for student internships.
The “Fair Company” seal certifies that we ...

  • do not substitute full-time positions with interns or even volunteers or guest students,
  • do not push university graduates who have applied for a permanent position into doing an internship,
  • do not seek to lure interns with the vague prospect of a full-time job afterwards,
  • offer internships primarily for professional orientation during the training phase, and
  • pay interns an adequate expense allowance.

Further information about the initiative of “Junge Karriere” and the rules for a “Fair Company” is available at .

Trainers with recognized quality

Since 2003, the Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Industry and Commerce has consistently been awarding us prizes as trainers of recognized quality.

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