Zinspilot from 15 Mar 2019

  • Fixed deposits online

    Via Zinspilot – and only online – fixed deposits at Hamburg Commercial Bank:

    Flex­geld24: 0.50 % p.a.
    3 Monate: 0.55 % p.a.
    6 Monate: 0.55 % p.a.
    9 Monate: 0.60 % p.a.
    12 Monate: 0.65 % p.a.

    Service Hotline: +49 40 21031373

directly to zinspilot.de

MIPIM Award for a class of wood

  • Innovative Building with wooden modules

    The real estate project Woodie continues to collect prizes and convinces the Cannes-Jury

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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

  • The new market for green power

    Origin of energy getting ever more important for companies: PPA as an attractive solution

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Motif Industry 4.0 Study

Sector Study Industry 4.0

  • The power of digitisation

    Potential for change in mechanical and plant engineering and industry effects

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