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Hamburg Commercial Bank supports its clients in a wide variety of ways, with excellent industry know-how and in-depth specialist knowledge.

Structural change, digitization, globalization – companies are faced with a wide range of challenges today, but also opportunities. It is our aim to face these challenges together with you. We strive to understand our clients and their individual challenges better than others.

Do you want to realize your ideas within your company? We do everything we can to provide you with effective support. We recognize your challenges in good time, because we have years of experience, we have a passion for business and we think ahead. Together with you we develop innovative concepts to enable you to achieve your strategic objectives. Partnership, reliability and fairness form the basis of our business relationships.

Today, companies need far more than just long-term loans. Together with you, we develop financial solutions which integrate new capital into individual structures to optimum effect. Our aim is not merely to resolve impending tasks, but also to generate real added value for you with our services. Be that with a view to current rating requirements or to the optimization of interest rate, liquidity and risk management.

Corporate financing – tailored and reliable

Our range of services includes all forms of modern corporate financing, the professional processing of national and international payment transactions including cash management, as well as the fast and reliable handling of international document business. As many products are processed using a foreign currency in international trading, we also provide expert support for your currency transactions and offer suitable hedging instruments for these.

“Thanks to our client-oriented approach and our focus on what we can genuinely do better, we are the bank that makes the difference for you.”

Michael Rothehüser, Head of Corporate Clients at Hamburg Commercial Bank

Smart Fact : Turn future receivables into immediate funds using factoring

There will never be 100% certainty in commercial life. Risks lie in wait wherever opportunities are on offer. However, even if certain risks cannot be completely excluded, they can certainly be minimized to a large extent. Not least, such risks include late or even entirely missing payments from customers at home and abroad. Such a circumstance can cause liquidity bottlenecks for many small and medium-sized German trading, production and servicing enterprises, if they themselves expend money and deliver the goods, produce or provide their service - but then are not recompensed for this adequately or within a tolerable timeframe.

In such cases, assistance can be provided by means of the sale of receivables through factoring. The basic idea is that your company receives cash immediately with the factoring and accepts a specific clear deduction in return, which is paid out again when the buyer subsequently settles the debt. This ensures that companies remain solvent at all times, can use their income to finance new business, protect their balance sheets, and save themselves some bridging loans. In the shape of “Smart Fact,” Hamburg Commercial Bank can offer its customers a particularly sophisticated product. It can be used for all individual receivables or receivables pools with a volume in excess of ten million euros or U.S. dollars.. Browser-based management enables extremely convenient handling for customers.

“Factoring works well for many companies and in different contexts.’ The ideal instrument to keep working capital flowing and to create liquidity both in crises an in growth phase.”

Jan Schubert,Head of Factoring / Leasing at Hamburg Commercial Bank

Leasing: Smart financing with the aid of Hamburg Commercial Bank

Protecting the balance sheet, optimizing financing: These have been among the unbeatable benefits of leasing for many years. Hamburg Commercial Bank is an active participant in this market, supporting its small and medium-sized clients. Through its “Smart Lease Platform” in Luxembourg, HCOB establishes and refinances leasing portfolios on behalf of its clients with a basic ticket size between ten and 50 million euros. The underlying lease agreements have a term of up to 72 months, so that next to e-bikes and bicycles other leased items can also be financed.

“Lease or rent instead of buying – this is the ultimately convincing basic idea behind leasing. We offer our clients this modern financing option in a wide variety of guises.”

Andreas Tschirpke, Relationship Manager Leasing / Factoring at Hamburg Commercial Bank

Credits & loans

We’re the right bank for your business and for quickly securing binding financing for your projects. We also work with other banks and cooperation partners in a pragmatic and solution-oriented manner. Our aim, and at the same time our promise, is to find the best financing solution for you.

Scructured financing

When financing goes beyond the mere granting of a loan, our experts will structure your project in a solution-oriented manner.

Capital market, interest, and foreign exchange management

As professionals in the credit and capital markets, we provide our clients with a comprehensive range of products for both sides of the balance sheet, along with fast, expert advice. In this way, we act as a link between borrowers and investors.

Digital services

You can professionally manage your cash and foreign exchange arrangements and your investments via our online “HCOB Trader” platform. The platform’s high level of transparency and simple handling facilitate your daily liquidity management in various currencies.

We also offer our clients a wide range of digital services that simplify their account management and payment flows.

Accounts & payment transactions

An account is the foundation for functioning payment transactions. We will quickly and easily set up an account for you, which can be individually adapted to your needs and which also works internationally.

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Michael Rothehüser

Head of Corporates Germany

Jens Thiele

Jens Thiele

Head of Project Finance & Corporates