Hamburg Commercial Bank supports charitable organizations in the north and Ukraine aid campaign with 750,000 euros

  • Bank donated a total of one million euros to charity in 2023

Hamburg, November 14, 2023 - Hamburg Commercial Bank (HCOB) is supporting people affected by poverty, hardship and suffering with an extensive fundraising campaign. One focus is on improving the living conditions and opportunities of children and young people who grow up in socially difficult circumstances and do not have a good start. The bank is also committed to helping the homeless and other people in need as well as nature conservation in Hamburg and northern Germany, among other places. It also donates to organizations that support sick people in the last weeks and months of their lives.

The bank is also supporting the #HCOBEmployeesStandWithUkraine initiative, which was launched by HCOB employees, with 100,000 euros. Since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, colleagues have been collecting donations in kind and money, buying urgently needed relief supplies and transporting them to Ukraine. HCOB supports the commitment of its employees with special leave for the trips to the border region and covers the transportation costs. The bank has also doubled the donations collected as part of a fundraising campaign, meaning that it has contributed a good half of the total 500,000 euros raised by the aid initiative to date. At the end of November, the initiators will transport relief supplies to Ukraine for the sixth time.

A total of 15 aid organizations will receive 750,000 euros for their valuable work, which – again supported by numerous volunteers – offers assistance to people in difficult situations. Following a first round of donations in the spring of 250,000 euros, the bank spent a total of one million euros on charitable causes in 2023.

Hamburg Commercial Bank supports the following projects:

  • Kieler Initiative gegen Kinderarmut
  • Der Norden hilft e.V.
  • Die Arche HH
  • Projekt Löwenherz #pro familia
  • Mittagskinder e.V.
  • Ankerland
  • Diakonie, der Mitternachtsbus
  • Dein Topf e.V.
  • Hamburger Tafel e.V.
  • Kinderschutzbund - Landesverbände Hamburg & SH
  • Beistand am Lebensende in SH
  • Hospiz im Süden
  • Loki Schmidt Stiftung

It is often impossible for children from low-income families to learn a musical instrument or join a sports club – even though these are important elements for personal development. The "Kieler Initiative gegen Kinderarmut" ("inka") is a non-profit organization that gives children the chance to pursue their musical or sporting interests.

The non-profit organization "" encourages pupils from families with no experience of higher education to be the first in their family to study. 6,000 volunteers are involved in 80 local groups across Germany to inform pupils about the possibility of studying and to support them on their journey from starting university to successfully completing their studies.

The association "Der Norden hilft e.V." is a voluntary association for Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein that supports people in need and disabled people of all ages. For its members, volunteering means helping to shape society and sharing responsibility. Among other things, the association offers help to women and children who have fled the war in Ukraine, runs a children's clothing store and organizes the "Wish Trees" campaign, which has received more wishes for support this year than ever before.

In the fight against child poverty, "Projekt Arche" is particularly committed to children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. More than 6,000 children and young people are reached throughout Germany. In Hamburg, there are currently three locations with children's and youth centers as well as an after-school care center.

"Löwenherz" is an initiative of pro familia Schleswig-Holstein against violence in the family. The project is dedicated to children and young people who have witnessed or are victims of domestic violence. It is not just about physical violence, but also psychological or verbal violence. Löwenherz is also aimed at parents or caregivers.

The "Mittagskinder Foundation" offers more than 200 children regular healthy meals free of charge in two children's centers in socially deprived areas in Hamburg. The children are also helped with their homework and receive expert socio-educational support.

Since 2008, "Ankerland e. V." has been committed to helping traumatized children who are suffering emotionally as a result of violence or abuse. Injuries caused by natural disasters or accidents can also place a heavy burden on children. In 2015, Ankerland opened Germany's first intensive trauma therapy center for children and young people in Hamburg-Eppendorf.

The “Diakonie Mitternachtsbus” travels to the sleeping places of homeless people every evening. Volunteers bring hot drinks, bread, warm blankets and clothing. Above all, however, they bring human warmth and compassion.

“Dein Topf e.V.” supports people in need by providing meals and food. The organization has a network of helpers who are committed to helping the socially disadvantaged.

“Hamburger Tafel e.V.” collects surplus food from retailers and manufacturers and distributes it to 31 food distribution points in and around Hamburg. An idea that benefits everyone involved: Food retailers and manufacturers assume social responsibility and those in need receive high-quality food for little money or even free of charge - as well as motivation for the future.

“The Kinderschutzbund - Landesverbände / Hamburg & Schleswig-Holstein” has been committed to improving the living conditions of children, young people, parents and families since it was founded in 1953. Among other things, in children and family centers such as those in the Hamburg districts of Lurup and Rissen, where parents and children receive support.

The facilities “Beistand am Lebensende in Schleswig-Holstein” and the “Hospiz im Süden” in Hamburg support seriously ill, elderly and dying people as well as their friends and relatives. Professional nursing staff and dedicated volunteers look after the guests and accompany them at the end of their lives.

The “Loki Schmidt Foundation” protects nature in Hamburg and throughout Germany by safeguarding habitats and carrying out species conservation projects, environmental education and public relations work. It is important to the foundation to bring people closer to nature and to awaken enthusiasm for nature.

The #HCOBEmployeesStandWithUkraine initiative is a private aid initiative of Hamburg Commercial Bank employees. Since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, HCOB colleagues have been collecting donations in cash and in kind and transporting humanitarian aid supplies to the border region of Ukraine, from where they are transported onwards by the volunteer organization "", which operates without administrative costs. In addition to medicines, clinical equipment, food and hygiene products, water treatment plants, power generators and heaters were provided, as well as Christmas parcels for children.

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