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Term Deposit 370Plus

Your company has earned more!

Where to put the considerable amounts of available liquidity? This is a question that many entrepreneurs are asking themselves at the moment. And in the past, the search for somewhere to park their capital, combining security with returns, was worse than burdensome. Now a new offering from Hamburg Commercial Bank could offer assistance: The product is called “Term deposit 370Plus”. In short, this innovate financial investment offers companies with excess liquidity the opportunity to park their capital at attractive terms with the chance of participating in rising interest rates. Specifically, investors benefit from the performance of the Euro Interbank Offered Rate – or EURIBOR. This is a reference interest rate for term deposits in euros in transactions between banks, known as Interbank trading. Trends in the 12-month EURIBOR also tens to indicate rising interest rates. Handling could not be easier for the customer: You don’t even need an account with Hamburg Commercial Bank. Although there are plenty of good financial reasons for having one. …


Term Deposit 370Plus

The product:

  • Minimum investment: 1 million euros; the principal can then no longer be changed during the term
  • Right to daily termination with a notice period of 370 days
  • Complete repayment after expiry of the notice period
  • Interest: Daily adjustment to the 12-month EURIBOR +0.10% incl. minimum interest rate (floor) of 0.00%
  • Current rate: 0.313%1

1 according to market data of 02.05.2022


Term Deposit 370Plus

Your benefits:

  • A clear interest rate bonus compared with alternative twelve-month investments with fixed interest
  • Good flexibility thanks to the daily termination option
  • Participation in rising EURIBOR rates
  • Good predictability, thanks to the built-in interest rate floor

“Many companies with high liquidity reserves are just waiting for the opportunity to benefit from rising interest rates, while not losing out in terms of flexibility. With Term Deposit 370Plus from Hamburg Commercial Bank, this is now possible.“

Boris Gettkowski, Senior Vice President in the Liability & FX Sales team at Hamburg Commercial Bank


One more important thing to note: Hamburg Commercial Bank also offers term deposits with different terms, just in case 370 days does not optimally suit your plans.

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