Digital services

Easy access to your finances

Do you want mobile access to your accounts or are you looking for a tool that makes it easier for you to control your incoming payments? We want to make managing your finances as easy as possible. To this end, we offer you a variety of digital services that you can use around the clock.

We are also consistently developing our own processes. For example, we have already accelerated our onboarding process many times over through the use of a digital KYC tool (Know Your Customer). This benefits not only us, but also you as our customers.

Digital Services

Online banking and HCOB Banking App

Access to your company accounts around the clock

HCOB Banking App

HCOB Banking App for Smartphones and Tablets

With our online banking you can make your payment transactions worldwide and at any time, and you can also find out about the financial status of your accounts with other banks.

With our HCOB Banking App you can access your accounts from your smartphone or tablet and, for example, approve prepared payments. Supported by the EBICS security standard, you can also access all your accounts - even accounts at other banks.

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Information on online banking

Contact us and we will set up your online access to your account quickly and easily: contact form (german only)

To set up the app on your phone

Download the app for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

To use the full functionality of the HCOB Banking App please request your access data for the App from HCOB Banking App Support. In order to use the App, an EBICS access to Hamburg Commercial Bank which is activated for mobile use is required.

We are happy to support you in setting up the app. Please contact us:

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HCOB Banking App Support

Phone: +49 40 3333-23464

Direct and fast control of cash flows

Keeping an overview of account balances, outgoing and incoming payments is one of the central challenges in accounting. This overview is central to the success of your company. With various solutions we support you in designing and monitoring your account movements - simply and digitally

Financial software SFirm

The financial software SFirm forms the basis for modern financial management. The application has a modular structure and can thus be adapted to your individual needs and requirements. Whether one person locally at their individual workstation or employees of different departments in the network take over different activities in SFirm - the organizational form determines the scope of services. SFirm can establish a connection to any German credit institution and is therefore multi-bank capable.

SFirm/Basic serves the basic requirements of a payment transaction application:

  • Retrieval, display and post-processing of account information and preregistration items
  • Entry of payment transaction orders (SEPA and DTAZV)
  • databases on the organisation, e.g. recipient details

SFirm/Cash also offers the function of self-organized cash management. The application creates carryforward postings using defined pooling rules. The system also offers evaluations of interest payable in the source account-target account relationship and of shadow accounts.

SFirm/Enterprise also contains some premium features that make financial management more flexible, effective and convenient. These include multi-client capability, time-controlled recurring broadcast, PDF printouts and e-mail dispatch as well as an archive function for account information in an open database.

We would be happy to advise you on how SFirm can be effectively integrated into your work processes.

Virtual accounts

As a company or institution with a high volume of payments, such as a landlord, utility company or mail order company, you are faced with the challenge of assigning incoming payments from your customers to a contract or an invoice. With our virtual account system, we provide you with the appropriate instrument to optimize your internal accounting.

You receive a virtual account group, which you assign to tenants, debtors or individual contracts in your ERP system. In the future, not all customers will pay with the same IBAN, but you will provide each customer with his individual virtual account number as IBAN on the invoice. In this way, you can tell which customer has paid from the virtual account number alone. If your customer enters an invalid IBAN, this will already be recognized by the customer's bank and the customer will be informed. This significantly reduces payment errors.

Our consultants support you in tailoring the solution to your company.

Rental deposit management

The administration of rent deposits in real estate companies can be made simple and economical. With our solution for rent deposit management you can bundle your deposits on an escrow account and manage them efficiently via our web-based software in cooperation with FIO SYSTEMS AG.

Our rental deposit management covers all important functions:

  • Automatic data reconciliation with all housing industry ERP systems
  • Daily interest calculation on individual account level incl. tax and interest statements
  • Possibility of booking the deposit receipts/issues via the social security office or the Arge
  • Deposit of documents (e.g. guarantee deed / tenant account)
  • Possibility of partial payment of the deposit
  • Flat-rate change, e.g. for change of account manager/contract end date/sale of the object
  • Letters of settlement to tenants
  • Current posting overviews for the virtual accounts and detailed logging and history
  • No installation effort for the housing company due to SSL-encrypted web access

Our trading platform for your money and foreign exchange trading products

You can easily manage your money and forex trading products via our Trader online platform. The platform's high level of transparency and ease of use make your daily liquidity management in various currencies easier.

Talk to us. Challenge us.

You want to manage your finances digitally? We support you in setting up and selecting the right tools. Please contact us.

Jutta Arlt

Jutta Arlt

Head of Cash and Trade Services

Phone: +49 40 3333-15293