Account and Cards

The corporate account is the basis of a functioning payment transaction system. We offer you an account which can be individually adapted to your company's requirements.

There are also many enhancement options available to you: from the flexible and independent payment of business trips using the corporate card to the card-supported payment transaction system for merchants (POS).

When trading in fresh goods you expect from your customers that the goods are paid for immediately upon receipt - regardless of whether the customers comes into the shop or you deliver the goods to the customer's home. Experts at Hamburg Commercial Bank assist you in choosing the optimal payment method at the point of sale or for your online shop and support you in its implementation so that payment is also integrated efficiently into your value-added chain.

Corporate card

Do you or your employees often go on business trips and require an international card to settle travel transactions? If so, our corporate card is exactly the right card for you and your company.
The cards in our corporate card programme are recognised internationally and offer a broad purchasing range.

Our services

Use our expertise to introduce a corporate card programme into your company. We guide you through the design, implementation and introduction phases and provide support for day-to-day transactions.

Hamburg Commercial Bank's corporate card programme simplifies the recording of transactions and payment process, provides extensive insurance cover and facilitates the company's downstream controlling processes. The use of the bonus programme can also be included in the card programme.

Your benefits

  • Due the world-wide acceptance of the cards you have access to liquidity at any time and anywhere without having to carry cash.
  • You receive an extended payment term representing a liquidity advantage of 28 days.
  • The limited liability protects you in the event the card is lost or misused. Our international emergency support staff are available 24 hours a day to provide assistance in a quick and uncomplicated manner.
  • You benefit from the promotion of your company's image through using the card with your corporate logo.

About the credit card

Card Services

Card Services

Phone: +49 40 3333-11177
Fax: +49 40 3333-611177

Loss or misuse of your card

If your card is lost or misused, please immediately inform

Card Services

PHONE: +49 40 3333-11177

Professional Banking and financial management for companies

The SFirm financial software forms the basis for modern financial management. The application is modular and can be adapted to individual needs and requirements. Whether different activities are carried out in SFirm locally by a person on his/her single workstation or by employees in various departments in the network - the organisational form determines the scope.

SFirm can create a link to every German bank with the EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard) data transmission channel and is therefore multi-bank-enabled. The software is available both in German and English whereby the functional scope of the German version has been enhanced.

SFirm-Product line

SFirm manufactures a series of combinable modules which we have combined into practice-oriented software packages.


We use this package to meet the basic requirements of a payment transaction application.

  • Retrieval, display and post-processing of account information as well as pending items
  • Recording of payment orders (SEPA and DTAZV)
  • Databases for the organisation, e.g. recipient information


The SFirm/ Basic package is enhanced to include active and self-organised cash management functions. The application creates transfer postings by means of stored pooling rules. The system also provides analyses of interest liabilities in the source/destination account relationship as well as shadow accounts.


This package supplements the above-mentioned variants with premium functions that makes financial management more flexible, effective and convenient. These include, among other things, multi-client capability, time controlled and repeated retrieval, PDF printouts and sending of e-mails as well as an archive function for account information in an open database.

We will gladly advise you as how SFrirm can be effectively integrated into your work flows.

SFirm technical requirements

  • The current system requirements of the manufacturer should be taken into account for the full implementation of SFirm in your technical infrastructure. In particular these include:
    • Windows 7, 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2008 & R2, Server 2012 & R2 (the most current service packs and updates are required for all operating systems).
    • NEW: Program files must always be installed locally.
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2. or newer (where applicable, is installed with SFirm 3.x)
  • Most up-to-date Internet Explorer per released operating system
  • Internet-/DSL-/LAN access (EBICS)
  • At least 2 GB of free disk space on the local data carrier, plus space for user data (backup files, data security)
  • Standard printer driver (PDF writer if applicable)
  • Admin rights during installation
  • Adobe Reader 7 or higher (required among other things for SFirm online help)
  • Full access to the SFirm base and data directory
  • Mouse and keyboard

From SFirm 3.1 installation is no longer possible where Windows XP and Windows 2003 is used as the client operating system.

SFirm also does not support versions prior to Windows 10.

Sfirm's minimum requirements for an operating system correspond to the official information published by the manufacture, Microsoft.

The following security updates must be installed to ensure the secure and trouble-free operation of SFirm: KB950749: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-028 - Critical.

Important information on the above-mentioned security update can be found on the Microsoft pages under the KB number given. Further information can also be found in the FAQ by entering K08519.

Please comply with our system requirements for older versions of SFirm and the information regarding backward compatibility,

Further information can be found on the


Customer support for pay­ment trans­actions/Cash Manage­ment

We advise and guide you.

Cash Management

Jutta Arlt

Head of Cash and Trade Services

Phone: +49 40 3333-15293

Real Estate as well as Infrastructure & Logistics

Stefanie Buhtz

Cash Management Real Estate as well as Infrastructur & Logistics

Phone: +49 40 3333-14376
Fax: +49 40 3333-614376

Health Care as well as Saving Banks & Institutional Clients

Torsten Rösner

Cash Management Health Care as well as Saving Banks & Institutional Clients

Phone: +49 40 3333-13773

Shipping as well as Energy & Utilities

Thorsten Funk

Cash Management Shipping as well as Energy & Utilities

Phone: +49 40 3333-15291

Food Industry

Thomas Voß

Cash Management Food Industry

Phone: +49 40 3333-12883
Fax: +49 40 3333-612883


Martin Wiedemann

Cash Management Trade

Phone: +49 40 3333-14379