Managing pay­ment trans­actions

The management of payment transactions is a key financial task. Reaction times are becoming increasingly shorter and requirements for digital solutions and risk management more complex.

For decades experts at Hamburg Commercial Bank have been providing companies with payment transaction solutions, both globally and regionally. As part of our philosophy we attach great importance to personal contact when providing advice and services.

We will gladly support you in developing an individual solution.

E-commerce payment solutions

E-commerce has been on a growth path for years. More and more people are buying around the clock on the Internet.. The retail sector is reacting and going online. "Multi-Channel-Commerce", "Click & Collect" and "Same Day Delivery" are only a few buzzwords used in this business field. A key success factor in e-commerce is the payment method offered.

Our services

Our cash management experts also provide you with support in integrating solutions for the automated and holistic settlement of all payment processes in e-commerce. We work with you - supported by our cooperation partner PAYONE - in developing the appropriate links and selecting payment solutions.

Your benefits

  • You optimise your payment process chain by reducing handling and administration expense,
  • We provide you with an extensive range of products, which comprises the acceptance of various domestic and international types of payment - such as credit and debit cards, SEPA direct debit scheme, online credit transfer methods, invoicing, cash payments - as well as cash and risk management.
  • By means of comprehensive risk checks all payment transactions are automatically analysed for any potential fraud patterns, thereby significantly reducing the risk of payment defaults and fraud.
  • Receivables management enables you to use a commercial dunning system via e-mail or letter and transfer receivables to debt collection.


The range of payment methods offered in the market is extensive and each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

Studies have shown that 45% of all interruptions in the entire check-out process in online trading occur when selecting the payment method. You therefore need to offer a balanced number of different methods and, in so doing, not only take market acceptance into account but also bear in mind in your own interest the security of the method used against fraud. The different payment methods entail different costs for you. A good mix of different payment methods can therefore result in significant savings in the payment process.

Our services

We provide you with the secure and cost-effective paydirekt payment service as a further component of a payment solution. In the online payment method provided by the banks you benefit from a payment guarantee through a credit check performed during the payment process and therefore have a cost-effective and secure alternative to other payment solutions.

Your benefits

  • paydirekt guarantees payment through a credit check performed during the payment process in the online shop.
  • Due to the guaranteed payment you can immediately ship the goods, thereby increasing customer acceptance.
  • A large consumer base is guaranteed by the implementation of the service by the German credit industry in addition to the data security provided.


Customer support for pay­ment trans­actions/Cash Manage­ment

We advise and guide you.

Cash Management

Jutta Arlt

Head of Cash and Trade Services

Phone: +49 40 3333-15293

Real Estate as well as Infrastructure & Logistics

Stefanie Buhtz

Cash Management Real Estate as well as Infrastructur & Logistics

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Health Care as well as Saving Banks & Institutional Clients

Torsten Rösner

Cash Management Health Care as well as Saving Banks & Institutional Clients

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Shipping as well as Energy & Utilities

Thorsten Funk

Cash Management Shipping as well as Energy & Utilities

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Food Industry

Thomas Voß

Cash Management Food Industry

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Martin Wiedemann

Cash Management Trade

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Industry & Services Northeast

Christian Eckardt

Cash Management Industry & Services Northeast

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Industry & Services Southwest

Christoph Radziej

Cash Management Industry & Services Southwest

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