Virtual accounts

As a company or institution with a high volume of payments such as a landlord, supplier or mail order company you are confronted with the challenge of assigning incoming customer payments to a contract or an invoice. You are often unable to reliably refer to the information provided by the sender for the posting in your ERP system.

With Hamburg Commercial Bank's virtual account system we therefore provide you with the appropriate tool to optimise your internal accounting system.

Our services

By implementing our innovative solution you receive a virtual group of accounts from us that you allocate to lessees, debtors or individual contracts in your ERP system. In future, all customers no longer pay using the same IBAN, but each customer is notified by you on the invoice of its individual IBAN virtual account number. Using this method only you can identify through the virtual account number under which the payment is received which customer has paid. If your customer specifies an invalid IBAN, this is identified by the customer's bank and the customer is notified. The credit note received by you is credited to your physical business account.

Your benefits

  • You achieve a significant increase in the reconciliation rate for incoming payments in the subsequent automated processing.
  • The solution is scalable and can therefore be implemented in your company depending on quantity and volume.
  • The implementation can be individually adapted to your organisational or business structure, as virtual accounts are used in many different areas.


Customer support for pay­ment trans­actions/Cash Manage­ment

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Cash Management

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Head of Cash and Trade Services

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Torsten Rösner

Cash Management Health Care as well as Saving Banks & Institutional Clients

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Cash Management Shipping as well as Energy & Utilities

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Cash Management Food Industry

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Cash Management Trade

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